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My name is Juanma Morato I am owner of Cane Corsos Spain of X-man WWW.CANECORSOBARCELONA.COM

We are breeders of Cane Corso in Barcelona, Spain.

If you are looking for cane corso breeders we are the best option.

We breed Cane Corsos in a responsible and familiar way. We live with our dogs, every day we are with them, do not live in a field unattended or in a 1×1 cage.

Our facilities are some of the best canine facilities in the world.

We believe that for our dogs we should offer the best. And the work we do is the best of the best, every day improving and looking to improve it, because we love what we do.

Being Breeders of the best Cane Corso is difficult, and represents a lot of work to get to have the best puppies of Cane Corso.

Our motto is this :

“It is not to do what we like, but to like what we do, what turns life into a blessing”.

– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe –

You can’t do something you don’t like and be the number one.

To be a pioneer, to be unique, this is only achieved by people who in their work environment love what they do, they do not care about time, hours, working is not work is enjoyment and everything is seen in the photos and the quality of our cane corso puppies.

You can never do something you don’t like, you can’t do something just for money, but if you’re trying to do it only for money, then you must dedicate to something else, because this isn’t your thing.

Cane corso breeding, cane corso breeding is passion is love, it isn’t for money.

Scabies with taste does not itch (spanish expression), after a very long childbirth all night without sleep, and there are so many things to do.

That’s breeding.

And above all with a shrunken heart because the birth has been of your child, your female Cane corso that is like your daughter, your family…

A cane corso is that, YOUR FAMILY.

For that reason, to day of today we are proud of raising cane corsos to the highest level world-wide, and being considered by many as the best breeders of cane corso of the world.

criadores cane corso españa
criadores cane corso barcelona españa


Cane corso italiano is for me Juanma Morato, the best breed in the world.

The Cane corso is a guardian of the family, that is for me the best description that defines the cane corso. A security guard for the family.

There are other breeds of dogs that are surveillance, and they do very well too.

Fila Brasileiro, Argentine Dogo, etc… there are many breeds but…What’s the essential difference between them and the Cane corso? the Cane corso is a dog with a very good balance and an extraordinary intelligence, they can be with your children and your family, their balance is awesome.

The other breeds watch very well, but if your family or friends visit you normally it’s necessary to lock them up.

If a Cane corso is alone in house and somebody wants to enter, it will NOT let them in.

On the other hand, if you are at home and friends or family come to visit you, and you tell the Cane corso that they are the grandmother and grandfather (for example), the Cane corso will let them in, will move their tails and will be happy, everything will be perfect.

That would be the differential essence of the Cane corso, guardian of the family, that can be inside the house, and it is even more recommendable because it protects better, and because the other guardian breeds don’t have the intelligence neither the kindness. This is the attachment of the Cane corso breed with the family.

To talk about the characteristics of a good Cane corso and get to know these dogs in depth, I would first like to refer to everything that makes up a Cane corso, from its physical morphology to its character.

But first of all, before talking about what a Cane corso is like… Do we know where it comes from? Well, the Cane corso originates from ancient Rome. Formerly used as a fighting dog in wars and later as a wild boar hunter. The first records of the breed are found in the XVI century and are used as guard dogs and caretakers of houses and farms.

The phenotype or appearance of the Cane corso is muscular and robust. The Cane corso is a physically strong dog with huge limbs. Generally should be slightly rectangular throughout. The Cane corso has a square and wide head. The hair is short and strong and the color of the Cane corso can be gray, black, brindle and formentino.

Regarding the behavior I like to emphasize that the Cane corso is a balanced dog, but with character. The Cane corso is brave, protective and very faithful to his master. It is a proud dog and that must be taken into account when educating him. The Cane corso, at home is docile and affectionate with his family and especially with children. It is the ideal dog for a house because it is very protective and distrustful of strangers. The Cane corso since small is a very intelligent dog and can quickly learn many things.

At general level, the Cane corso has a calm personality especially when it is at home. His temperament is usually very stable, which guarantees an absolute tranquility if he is chosen as a member of the family.

The Cane corso adapts perfectly to different environments and learns to live with other animals. It shows a amazing facility to the adaptation to people and other animals. It is not a dog that looks for fight, but in the case of confronting with another dog, the Cane corso takes out a strong and fierce character, purely protective and territorial.

If I had to emphasize characteristics of my Cane corsos I would define them as dynamic dogs, because I consider that the Cane corso develops very well in numerous activities like to run, to walk, to go in bicycle or, on the contrary, it is a wonderful dog to coexist in a floor or apartment.

As I explained before, his ability to adapt is amazing and that’s why the Cane corso will be happy in any activity or in any habitat.

It’s true that, if we decide to start a life with a dog of these characteristics and we live in a reduced space, the Cane corso needs daily walks and exercise. Although it’s a large dog, it’s not noisy at all and only barks when it hears noises or when it’s on alert.

The Cane corso descends from the Roman dog.

In the past due to its fierceness, the Cane corso was used for major hunt, like bears…

It was a very strong dog, cutting tail and ears, was so that their prey could not catch and bite any part of his body.

The Cane corso had a lot of skin and his adversaries, although they bit him in the neck for example, never hurt them.

The skin was so hard that its prey always bit into the skin, it did them no harm.

So we could say that it was a Cane corso breed.

The Cane corso in the Roman times, had the function to help in the war with the Romans and the major hunt, this is very important because gradually we will see how the Cane corso is changing along the time in its functionality. In the 70’s it passed to the guard of the Italian farms and to keep the heavy machinery of the farmers.

Many times, as the most important thing for the farmers was the machines of the field, they tied the Cane corso to the machines, so that nobody dared to steal their machines, which for them was their life.

Nowadays the Cane corso is a guard dog for the family.

We have already spoken before that there are other breeds also for the guard, but none like the Cane corso. The best guardian for the houses and the family. We go back to ancient times, we can see ancient sculptures of the Cane corso as the nativity of southern Italy.

carácter del cane corso - guardián



I am Juanma Morato of Corsos of X-man. Today I will speak about the colors of Cane corso breed, the Cane corso and its color. Its color of skin. How are the colors and how they were before.

The Cane corso has been evolving in its functionality and in its colors.

Little by little it has been changing. The colors of the Cane corso were not at first as they are today.

At first we found a Cane corso with little weight, little bone, very agile, panther type, brindle and black, a Cane corso, very fierce, used by the Romans for war and by Italian peasants for the major hunt and guard.

In the 70’s, at the time of the recovery of the Cane corso, in the Puglia area they begin to find this type of dogs, of a different breed, that the inhabitants of that zone denominated Dog of the Puglia, they said that the Cane corso that they found were of a fulvo color, that for those that do not know, it would be like a tawny color with the mask of the black face and a Dog of the dark Puglia. There is no talk of dark black, rather a dark brown.

That is to say, that at the beginning the Cane corso would be tawny, those are the specimens that were sighted at the beginning of the 70’s.

Then came the brindle, then came the black Cane corso, then came the grey Cane corso and finally the Cane corso florentine or yellow.


Currently, the colors accepted in the FCI breed standard are these: Black, brindle black, lead grey, slate grey, light grey, light fawn, dark fawn and deer Fawn: formentine colour (with stripes in different shades of fawn or grey).

Those would be all the colors that exist of the Cane corso in the present time.

The most demanded color at the present time is the grey Cane corso about a 80%.

Then follows the black Cane corso, which at the time of 2000 was preferred by all.

And at the present time it begins to stick with force the yellow cane corso or Florentine cane corso with gray mask.

For tastes colors (another spanish expression), I am in love with gray Cane corso.

The line of X-man, the Cane corso world champion of 2015, has given me many of the most extraordinary greys that exist today.

X-man perhaps would be the grey line with more quality, his grey line is exceptional.

color cane corso negro
SUBIENDO 3 / 3 – color-cane-corso-atigrado.jpg


How is the health of the Cane corso?

The Cane corso is a very strong dog, almost never complains even if it has something that is very painful.

One of the problems of the Cane corso is the ‘cherry eye’, also called harder gland, which is the term used to refer to a prolapse of the canine nictitating membrane gland, known as the third eyelid, when the nictitating membrane prolapses and becomes visible. The ‘cherry eye’ sometimes appears in puppies at the time of 2 to 6 months, sometimes comes out first in one eye and then comes out in the other one.

The health of Cane corso is good, but due to its large size can sometimes suffer from joint pain. This tends to occur especially in the growth stage of the Cane corso dog, as its growth is irregular.

I explain what this means: The Cane corso don’t have a par growth, and when they begin their development the different parts of the body go in disagreement, they grow some before others. Being large dogs, the lugs they make are very sharp and can be seen with the naked eye.

Genetically, we can find a disease called hip dysplasia. Hip dysplasia is a congenital disease of the osseous system that consists of a degeneration of the cotillo femoral joint. This degeneration produces other symptoms that help the dog, such as intense lameness, difficulty in sitting or climbing stairs, or walking in general. This disease is not purely genetic, but also interferes with environmental aspects such as feeding the dog (excess weight), exercise intensively, especially at an early age or hormonal changes. The Corsican Cane, being a large breed, occurs, as I explained before, a weight loads enromes and fast fighting with a small skeleton and little formed dog. This together with late calcifications, can develop a genetic predisposition to suffer this disease. As a breeder, advise the customer to look for and choose those dogs Cane corsos free of dysplasia in generations, to ensure that the dog you buy does not develop the disease.

Their longevity or life years range from ten to twelve years, a high rank compared to other large breed dogs.

In short, the characteristics that describe a Corsican Cane are infinite, but the most defining are: protection, companionship, guardianship and defense.

The Cane corso is a transverse dog, that is to say that it can contribute numerous things to you in an only one animal. It goes from being calm, from being a dog of sofa and bed to being a sporting dog that can accompany you on your walks in the mountains or on your outings with the bicycle or running.

The Cane corso is very faithful to his master, but also loves the company of the family and share, in general each and every one of the tasks that can perform a family nucleus. He is a nest dog, that is to say he loves his house and his family. So, if you are thinking about which dog goes more with you, encourage you to have a Cane corso because due to its versatility, will be the perfect dog to accompany you in any activity of your life.

There are many times that operate one eye and the other is perfect and then comes the inflamed gland in the other eye.

Some Cane corso blood lines that are prone to having the ‘cherry eye’ more than others are sometimes very common when parents have the most droopy mastoid eyes.

The second problem that large breeds may have is hip dysplasia.

It is a very large dog, between 50 to 60 kg males, and from month to year, go from 10kg to 50 kg, there is a rapid increase in weight and body volume in its growth.

Dysplasia is a malformation of the hip joint (union of the acetabulum of the hip and the femoral head) that can cause pain and even lameness in the animal that suffers it, and depends on the degree it can cause pain and the inability to walk.

The age of presentation varies from 4 months in the most extreme cases to 12 months. However, before the age of 12 months the PennHip test can be carried out where the probabilities for a puppy to develop dysplasia can be specified, but never diagnosed as it is not until the age of 12 months when there is sufficient development of the same. Hip dysplasia is usually bilateral.

It is also very important to know that hip dysplasia also involves environmental factors such as diet, intense physical exercise, especially in young ages, overweight and alterations, also excessively humid sites in the growth of home.

And as not also a genetic factor. Puppies will inherit from their parents (genetic load) a greater or lesser predisposition or vulnerability to develop dysplasia and, depending on their stage of growth (nutrition, exercise rate, growth rate …), will manifest it to a greater or lesser extent.

It is important a work of selection in the breeders of Cane corso to prevent and to eradicate the dysplasia of elbow and hip in the breed.

There are no more health problems in the Cane corso.

I have heard some time, some breeder of Cane corso that talks about a third problem that would be the epilepsy.

The truth is that in all the years that I have been breeding Cane corso I have never had any case.

Enfermedades del cane corso


The care that a Cane corso requires

The Cane corso is a breed that doesn’t need much care.

It is also possible to say that the hair of the Cane corso doesn’t normally create allergy.

This is very important to choose this breed too, since our dogs are very likely to be inside the house.

It is good to bathe our Cane corso once a month.

The brushes type scrapers remove all the dead hair, thus accelerating the process of molting.

It is very good to do it habitually and thus there will be less hairs in the house.

The professionals of this breed are obsessed with the maintenance of shiny hair and intense colors, especially Cane corsos for exhibition and beauty show.

The brushed ones are good to do them daily in the time of molt, the hair of the Cane corso is a short hair, and that is worked very well.

There are many tricks to intensify the colors. Be very careful. Most of them are acidic. They get results instantly by burning hair and skin. Today you see it with an intense color, but in a short time becomes a mantle spoiled, dull and rough. If the main thing in your Cane corso is the maintenance of the color, bathe it whenever it is dirty with a good Color Enhancing Shampoo.

The most important thing is to use neutral shampoo with a neutral Ph.

The best ph for the Cane corso is the PH 7.

Shampoos to give shine do not have dyes or are not aggressive. You can use them as often as you want.

It protects the new hair that grows so that it is healthy, strong and shiny. It is not an immediate solution but in the medium term it is definitive. It is also important to clean the ears in each bath. I use a good cleaning liquid in the ears to help dissolve cerumen. Leave it a few minutes and then remove everything. This will leave perfect ears.

After rinsing is very good to use a good shampoo that moisturizes. Dissolve the moisturizing paste in water and introduce the mixture in a good spray. It is always good that it is a product that respects the Ph of your skin. We have already commented that the Ph of the skin of the Cane corso is PH 7.

Moisturize a lot, nourish, protect and help recompose the damaged hair of our Cane corsos. They are excellent products of high quality.

This is very important, do not think that the bath will provide all the necessary hydration. Your skin and coat can not get all the nutrients they need from the blood, they are dehydrated continuously. It is very important to apply external moisturizers frequently. Otherwise it will become coarser, with loss of shine and body. And that we do not want a moisturized and soft hair, for our Cane corsos puppies and adults.

Spray abundantly with a moisturizing agent on the hair whenever you need it, so that it is absorbed by the skin.

This way you will always get an incredible hair quality.

If you do it every two or three days, the hair will ask you to spray your moisturizing product. Use one that doesn’t require rinsing. Brush the Cane corso frequently.

Use one of these spray brushes with your favorite moisturizer and get used to spraying a little each time you need it. This practice, together with correct hydration, will shorten the molting period. Therefore less damaged hair and more quality hair.

A good skin and a good hair has a genetic basis, but above all it is the prize for good maintenance. The time we have before an exhibition is fundamental. That is why we are going to prepare it with time and above all do not neglect the colour. Compare objectively the color of your dog with that of the winners. Do not present a dog with the color faded, without brightness. The colour “is also made and maintained”. It is very practical to carry coloured chalk, spray, bar or powder in your display case. It is also very good to retouch with chalk scratches or any other mark that shows on your coat.

Once the bath is finished and five minutes before entering the ring, spray a polishing spray, so that the dog enters with an ideal shine. A discolored truffle has a very bad effect.

Use a polish that gives a magical shine so that your Cane corso can shine in the best shows and rings in the world.

cane corso juanma morato el grupo 12


The feeding of Cane corso and puppies.


Food is an exciting topic, arouses a lot of interest, you can watch it on our YouTube channel Cane corso Barcelona.

Here is the link:

The theme of the food and the feeding of the Cane corso awakens a lot of interest and many visualizations.

The feeding of the puppies is a very important topic and that arouses a lot of interest. It is well known that it is very important in the pregnancy of the female of Cane corso that she is over fed, since she needs an extra feeding.

A great feeding to the mother, a plus of feeding in quantity since she already asks for it to you and a plus in quality, since the mother is taking care of her cane corso puppies, many times to numerous litters.

How do we do it?

We feed with natural diet to our Cane corsos, which is a balanced diet made with our own hands. The menu consists of a crushed chicken wings, vegetables, usually pumpkin and carrot, I say normally because sometimes we change or bring cauliflower and leek. Also fruit, the apple works very well, and we use a fish that there is a lot of in Spain, which is small and boneless (anchovy), some additive more like coconut oil, and a little something that I keep for myself.

Well, when mothers are breastfeeding, after the first 3 days of giving birth, they are often capricious, so sometimes they are given other different things, they love ‘Maria cookies’ with milk and honey. They drink 2 liters of ‘Maria cookies’ with honey in nothing, they love it. Many times we also have prepared 2 kg. of chopped veal for humans bought in a supermarket, other times whole loins cut into pieces of meat, other times they eat all the weekly food that my mother prepares for me with a lot of love, bone crushed food that already carries everything plus cookies, milk etc …

This would be about the mothers but I wanted to talk about the puppies’ breakfast now. The breakfast of the Cane corso puppies when they are weaned with 4 or 5 weeks. After growing and with the mime of their mothers, the puppies are growing. They are born with a weight of 400gr to 1kg, depending on whether it is male or female and the genetics of each line and animal. Once they have teeth and start hurting the mother, it is time to start feeding. For that time we prepare a SUPER COMBO BREAK, which is what we call it, milk (if it can be whole better), honey, egg and yogurt.

Many times we change the brand of yogurt. At the end you have to look for a good product and start to give it to them little by little. The first day is a little complicated to put the legs are stained a lot dirty whole, with the consequent cold that catch and must be wet to remove all the yogurt that is put even in the nails, it is important not to catch cold. We do this twice a day because normally the first four days are still with their mothers and do not withdraw their milk. With 5 or 6 weeks depends on how smart the litter is we start with the meat, we start with the shredded that adults also eat, consists SUPER COMBO TO MEASURE, which consists of the menu that we do with our own hands, consists of a shredded wing of chicken, vegetables, fruit and fish and some more secret. When the puppies already eat combo, what we do is to give them the SUPER COMBO BREAK first thing in the morning (at 8 am), then at 1pm a little SUPER COMBO TO MEASURE and then at night another ration of SUPER COMBO TO MEASURE. The amounts are at these ages with whole bowls, each meal a bowl, and as they get older up to three months we are increasing bowls and amounts. You have to look and see if the puppies are well, a little fat or on the contrary they lack a little more. Beware at this time that it is important that before the puppies are 3 months old, at least we deworm them almost 4 times. The deworming is very important, the parasites stop the growth of the puppies, and instead of being beautiful they leave them uglier.



When buying a Cane corso the customer must pay attention to the company’s reliability, with permits, etc…

Why buy a Cane corso?

It’s a spectacular breed, and for me the best guardian for the family. I would define it as a human security guard, because it has an intelligence that other breeds don’t have.

It’s important to buy a Cane corso puppy from a professional breeder.

A professional who has been breeding for a long time and in the professionalism of people.

I always say that it’s very good buy a new member of the family, but choose wrong and you will have an important PROBLEM in the family.

That is, if you buy a Cane corso in a professional breeder that do well the socialize and the parents genetically are tested in character, you will have a good experience with your Cane corso puppie but if you choose badly, maybe that small puppy to the 6 months, by bad socialize or genetics bites to your family.     

As usual, the customer wants to pay the minimum, but with the minimum it’s impossible to buy something minimally correct and acceptable. There is no such thing as quality. Do you want quality for 6,000 euros or do you want to buy for 600 euros?  And bought from a professional breeder.

Can’t you spend? Go to the protector and ADOPT.

Do you want to pay for something good? Or do you want something that isn’t good?

Do you want a Cane corso that is a Boxer corso or a Mastín corso? Or simply that it doesn’t grow and remains like a mini Bonsai corso? If you want something good, pay willingly, pay gladly. Do you want your puppy to be fed with the best or with rubbish? With 300 euros isn’t possible, the cheapest offers the worst, because with little money you cann’t offer a super food.

This is super important.

A Cane coso male of 60 kg that in its most important time (time of puppy) lacks nutrients… are problems of all kinds in the future…of growth, genetic, of articulation, etc…

Do you want it to be fed with the best or the worst? Do you want parents tested on their health and character or do you want the neighbor’s, who doesn’t even know where it comes from? Do you want a guarantee or not?

Maybe you’d rather pay 600 euros and if something happens then you’ll have a horrible experience.

Or would you prefer a family member and a wonderful experience?

Do you know how many people call me because they regret having bought something cheap?

You know how many people say to me: …the dog grunts my mother. …the dog bites my husband, it doesn’t grow…, it doesn’t look like a Cane corso…

It’s just… YOU WERE WRONG.

I ALWAYS SAY: Do you want your Cane corso to be a new member of the family or do you want it to be A GREAT PROBLEM for your family?

Why? Because we are talking about a dog of more than 60 kg, if it doesn’t want you can’t stop it.

Do you know how many people call me: now he’s biting my wife and my children… And now what?

Do you know how many times they tell me: I want it cheap because I don’t want to compete!

Well, when the problems come, we’ll see what happens…

Do you want your puppy’s caretaker to be a professional?

A breeder that knows what it does, that works with the puppies and that works the stages of socialize? Or do you want that when they give it to you nothing has been worked and is afraid? Tell me, what do you prefer?

Do you want a breeder who works full time and professionally? Or someone who has them in a 1×1 cage and doesn’t even look at them? That they are simply merchandise… Do you want champion parents or not? Because a champion costs a lot of effort and a lot of money, and more a world champion. Do you want a guarantee or do you want to take the puppy and run away? Do you want to be able to call the breeder and after 4 months pick up the phone and take care of you? Or do you want that never to pick up the phone again?

Do you want an Ethiopian puppy fed with the worst or cheapest? Or do you want an athlete and heir of well fed generations and doing better every day? And do you want to be cared for as a family member?

Professional work and quality must be paid.

Kings day, new years’s day, all holidays…dogs eat every day… That’s why you have to pay for a professional job and have a wonderful experience when buying a Cane corso puppy.


We are happy with the incredible quality of our Cane corso puppies.

We currently have the best Cane corso in the world.

We are very happy with our customers in Vancouver,

We are dog breeders in Barcelona, Spain. We have Cane corso puppies for sale.

How do we work with our customers?

We have international transportation with an additional charge, although if we don’t have newborn puppies at home we prefer to take them directly.

We work with a professional puppy shipping company.

The transport is professional and we take it to all parts of the world.

We work hard every day for our customers to have the best dogs, the best canecorso puppies.

The best Cane corso puppies in the world.

When the puppy is ready to send with the recommendations of each country, which vary depending on where the shipment is, we do all the necessary documents for the shipment of your pet, and prepare all the documents in the name of the owner.

Each treatment and shipment is personalized. Because you will have the puppy of your dreams.

Payment is by bank or Western Union.

Once the payment is ready, it takes approximately 2 or 3 days for your puppy to arrive at your home. We make all the documents (international passport, and a health certification), we make invoice and guarantee. The guarantee is one year.

We have many friends and good customers in all parts of the world. You can buy Cane corso in ‘Cane corso of X-man’ and you are sure to be very satisfied with your wonderful family member.

I am Juanma Morato de Cane corso X-man Barcelona

We work with the best line, the line of the best of the best, the legend X-man.

The line of the World Champion and legend in the breed Brutus Aka (X-man).

Greetings to all.