Advantages an disadvantages of cane corso

I am going to explain the advantages and disadvantages of the Cane Corso or Italian Mastiff.

The Cane Corso or Italian Mastiff is a breed of big dogs, so people who want a small dog like the chihuahua or the poodle, this breed of Italian Corso will not fit this person.

Regarding the weight, the Cane Corso in its adult age can reach 55 or 56 kilos. It has a low average energy for this reason it does not need to exercise every day and is calm at home compared to other breeds with higher energies such as the German Shepherd that if it does not exercise every day at home it behaves in a more restless way.

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Advantages of the cane corso for protection and guarding

The Cane Corso by nature is protective! It is a companion dog breed and very protective of the family, for this reason it is called a guard dog.

This characteristic is imnata, from a very young age they show signs of protection towards their owners and environment where they live. The cane corso can become an elite guard dog if it is well trained, vigilant and guardian of your house or farm.

Advantages of good socialization

A good socialization is very important for the whole life of the cane corso to be excellent with the family and people. In our cane corso puppy park we do a very important socialization before the puppy is sold.

When a puppy is used to many different situations, rooms, sounds, dirt floors, stone, grass, etc… to play with adults and small children, to play with other dogs of different ages … this puppy will never have problems to integrate into a family with or without children. With children he is very patient and can stand all kinds of mischief without getting angry.

Health advantages of the Cane Corso

The cane corso is one of the breeds that we could say that can contract few diseases. Being a molosser dog the most pronounced is the hip dysplasia but being such a strong dog if it gets this disease it would be in some cases mild.

Advantages of its behavior

The cane corso is a very obedient dog. It is easy to train him, as he is very disciplined. The cane corso or Italian Mastiff, is very suitable for guard and defense training, as it has it in its genes.

It is also worth mentioning that this breed is extremely intelligent!

Disadvantages of the Cane Corso

The disadvantages of the Cane Corso compared to other dog breeds is that if you are looking for a small companion dog, the Cane Corso is not… it is a big molosser.

If you are looking for a very active dog the cane corso is not… it is a medium energetic and possibly calm dog!

Another disadvantage is that there is a lot of variety of phenotypes in the cane corso breed, we believe that the breed is not fixed, it is hard to find truly purebred specimens.

We believe that the cane corso has more advantages than disadvantages. It is a breed of dogs that has many qualities to be suitable to be integrated in a family environment without any problem. A dog that if the feeding is adequate can live for many years healthy!

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ventajas y desventajas del cane corso o mastín italiano
ventajas del cane corso
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