pelo del cane corso o mastín italiano

The cane corsos have a short, hard, and quite strong coat, since they have a double layer of hair, and like any other dog, even though their hair is short, they have moulting stages, where the inner layer is lost approximately before the beginning of summer. 

If your cane corso‘s hair is falling out very frequently and outside the typical shedding seasons, perhaps he may have a parasitic disease such as those caused by fleas, mange, etc. It is advisable to visit the veterinarian as soon as possible if this situation is observed. 

Coat of cane corso or mastiff italian

Cane corso hair care

It is important to brush very well our cane corso all over his body with a medium to short bristle brush, so that he can drag precisely the hairs that have already fallen out and remove dead skin cells. It is important to do it before the moulting begins more frequently during spring, however, we must brush him every day or at least every other day.

The haircut of our cane corso will help to reduce the hair loss in the same way, however, it is advisable to consult a veterinarian.

The use of special soft shampoos for short hair is excellent, since these will help the silkiness and shine of the coat with each bath, so use a shampoo with high moisturizing level and that its pH is like that of the cane corso.

Feeding and coat of the cane corso

Natural food gives this pair of characteristics an incredible reinforcement, that is why it is important to feed our dogs with quality food, as these help the health and well-being of our friends.

A positive point that we can bring about the coat of the cane corso, is that although sometimes shedding hair in times of molting, his coat is hypoallergenic, perfect to avoid allergic reactions in people who suffer from rhinitis or other diseases, so it is a wonderful dog to have it at home, just be aware of their changes to prevent our home becomes a giant speck of hair.

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