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World Champion X-MAN

I’m Juan Manuel Morato, owner of Brutus (X-man), Cane Corso italian mastiff for sale

Today I want to write a few words about my Love, my X as I call it.


The true story of a living legend in our beloved breed the Cane Corso italiano in the history.

X-man is not only important because he is an spectacular Cane Corso italiano important, he is my personal dog, world champion 2015 Milan, first world champion Cane Corso italiano gray, the dog that has given the best specimens in the breed (the offspring of x-man is exceptional) Cane Corsos famous as best in show CH Quilo de la Mirage de Torrelllas, Ch Lionel messi de la Mirage de Torrellas, Best in show Ch Uracan de la Mirage de Torrellas and many dogs of Cane Corso italiano more.

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He is one of the most important cane corso italiano in the history of our breed and have a nice story to tell. Brutus that is called in the pedigree for us always X, was born in Spain on 02/05/2013, was born at home in a no breeder in Cadiz Spain called Ana Santaella, fruit of two dogs that Ana bought, one in Spain and another in France, a historical litter the litter of x-man.

Ana contacted me to help her to sell the puppies, at first I declined his offer, it did not seem feasible for me to sell other people’s dogs, being able to promote mine, at the end we agreed, she was goin to reward me with something, thats was X-man.

Since I had him in my arms a bond was created between us that would never break, since puppy I saw his potential and I dedicated my body and soul to him. Soon began to stand out in dog shows, all our work was reflected when in the World Dog Show 2015 in Milan, was proclaimed World Beauty Champion and Group 2 Champion in the world, getting to be 3º in the Best in show of races Italian Best Cane Corso italiano the breed and best in show 3.

I’m Juan Manuel Morato and today I’m writing to welcome X-man Cane Corso italian.

Why Brutus, X-man, has returned home and we are together again.

I find it incredible that after all our efforts and fifteen long months of continuous struggle, we already have our champion with us.

If I had to describe everything we have gone through until that day when I had it back in my arms, it would be like describing the feeling you experience when climbing a roller coaster.

When I was snatched away from my dog I felt cheated, sad, angry, repentant … and as time went on the frustration in my growth and the emotional impact that the loss of X caused me, increased incessantly.

My attempts to recover him were unstoppable, because inside my I knew that X would return with me.

And that day arrived. When I saw him, I wanted to touch him, hug him, kiss him … Make him feel how much I missed him, but X brought with him a sentimental empty and at the beginning, emotionally cost him to be what he was again.

But our bond resurfaced again, like the phoenix rises from its flames, giving birth to a new relationship full of strength and hope. Now X is him again. A dog with an unbeatable power, full of kindness, with an unmatched intelligence, anyway … X is clear and perfect example of pure Italian Cane Corso.

X is special and now I can say loud and clear that Brutus X-man is my dog and he has returned home. While it is true that the magic of Christmas exists, I affirm that this year I have been able to
experience it in the first person, because now I feel complete, because they have returned that part of me, because now I have my dog with me, my champion, my partner, my X.

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The cane corso italiano puppies of x-man

I would like to talk about the cane corso italiano puppies of x-man because all your bloodline, is around it.

I’m going to allow me to give you some small tips for the owners who have their Corso Cane italian puppies for the first time.

The breed of Cane Corso dog is extremely intelligent and very easy to train, given the deep love he feels towards his owner and his immense desires to please him, he is an animal with an active character, its behavior is docile and affectionate with his family.

He has a calm personality when he is at home and with a very stable temperament. This dog knows what his role is and what 0his responsibilities are, so that he does not disperse or entertain himself with anything, never shows a tendency to escape or elope, and always stays close to the house, controlling everything that happens around him.

Selected and bred for hundreds of years a working animal to live with people and other animals, is not a quarrelsome dog or looking for confrontation, but when necessary it becomes a real beast to defend his own properties until the end, without being intimidated by anything and nobody.

Fun, active and dynamic, this dog can be used in many activities, families who like to go out in the field or do some sport find in it a perfect companion, the best breed Cane Corso italiano.

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Characteristics of the Cane Corso

It is clear that this is not the ideal pet to live in an apartment in the center of the city, but it adapts quite well if the necessary exercise is facilitated. On the other hand, it is not noisy at all, since it only barks when considered strictly accurate.

  • Energy: High level. He has a lot of energy and is very active.
  • Temperament: Very loyal, docile and obedient, behaves very affectionately and active with his family, is very brave and vigilant. Guardian of property, family and livestock, is very agile and responsible.
  • Adaptability: Medium / high. It can adapt to life in an urban environment, but its natural habitat is the countryside and open spaces surrounded by nature.
  • Sociability: Medium / High. He loves his master and gets along very well with children, but he is quite suspicious of strangers.
  • Health: Good. Due to its dimensions, it shows a tendency to suffer joint problems.
  • Longevity: Live an average of 10 to 12 years, which is high compared to other races of this size.
  • Utility: versatile. Basically it is a dog guard and defense, but also company.
  • Use: guard, protection, company, police dog and tracking dog.
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