cuánto cuesta un cane corso mastín italiano

Within the market of buying and selling cane corso puppies, the price can vary a lot depending on the quality that the breeder makes the puppies have. Those puppies that for example are very exclusive are those that are born without any stain in their coat, or those that are more suitable for competition, those that have pedigree.

Cane corso priceHow much does a Cane Corso or Italian Mastiff cost?

Another very important aspect that marks a standard in the price of the puppies is the health guarantee that these have, since there is a big difference between buying a puppy in a cane corsos kennel with professional seal, where you can provide all the necessary information and certified dogs and who care about the process of socialization of the puppy so that when it reaches the hands of its future owner, it is adapted to human life and urbanization, to other places where you do not ensure absolutely nothing of these puppies. These factors are undoubtedly indicative of the quality of the puppy and are important to consider since we want a companion for life.

Price of the cane corso

The price of our cane corso puppies is justified by the following factors:

Food: our puppies are fed based on a diet called “BARF”, which consists of a food regime composed of 100% natural and raw products where it is based on 60% of meats (ground or not) of veal, chicken, poultry, turkey, 25% of lean meat such as fish, 15% of fruits and vegetables, also eggs and offal and without the consumption of preservatives and cereals. The main advantages of this diet for our cane corso puppies are that their coat becomes healthier, shinier, and stronger, creates a greater resistance to parasites from outside and inside, increases their muscle mass during their growth process, the consistency of their feces improves, among other things, and that is why we take care of betting on excellent quality food for our cane corsos to grow totally healthy and strong.

Socialization: in Cane Corso Barcelona, we have a recreational space adapted to encourage the process of socialization of our puppies, where the idea is that they are in complete freedom and, in our playground of sensations, all the situations that the puppy will find once he arrives at his new home are reflected so that when he is already accustomed to the walls, mirrors, water, carpets, curtains, stairs, etc.. We always provide feedback from our clients to improve the sensory experiences of our puppies by including new scenarios where they can be found.

precio cachorros cane corso mastin italiano

History and origin
Physical characteristics
Living together
Education and training
Hygiene and cleaning
Advantages and disvantages
Maintenance cost
Life expectancy
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