socialización del cane corso mastín italiano

The cane corso is a breed of dog that usually gets along very well with both children and adults. It is a dog that imposes security and protection, but at the same time affection and devotion for those around him, and this socialization process is very important for him to learn to get along with both humans and other dogs. It is a process in which we will accustom our cane corso to act and react appropriately to everyday environments, people, other dogs, and even other animals.

Socialization of the cane corso

Not training your dog and involving him in this socialization process could bring the appearance of behavioral problems in the cane corso when they reach an adult stage, such as having aggressive behaviors or being afraid of some things or of relating, that is why it is important to start this process since they are puppies so that little by little, they will comply with the positive actions that are imposed on them.

In this way, we will then have a balanced adult dog to be accepted much faster and more easily in society.

Obviously, the socialization process begins when the cane corso is in puppyhood, because this is the critical period and the one that will make an important impact throughout the life of your dog, so the sooner you start training him, the more guarantee of success you will have in the future when he will be an adult.

Tips on the cane corso socialization process while they are puppies

  • Introduce him and have him interact with different people and other pets, if possible, but the important thing is that this is done on a regular basis.
  • Make sure there is positive interaction between people and the other pets he meets and try to keep it all in a fun environment and in different places. It can be in a playground or just taking walks where you see other dogs walking down the street, but first, make sure that your cane corso already has full vaccinations to avoid catching any disease.
  • Try to make sure that all the dogs your cane corso interacts with are equally social as well, to encourage this positive socialization.

Tips on the process of socialization of the adult cane corso:

We must consider very well the character of the cane corso, which is quite strong once it enters the adult stage, for this reason it may be more difficult to try to adapt it, however, here we leave you some tips that can serve you:

  • Patience is the key, so little by little we are helping him to understand the environment being progressive and going very carefully. We don’t want the instinct of protection and security to be lost, but what we do want to achieve is for him to be a little more open and to alert, but not attack.
  • If you see that he feels too forced to relate, do not force him, since it is a slow process, but with time, successful.
  • Reward him when he is receptive.
  • Make sure the other dogs he encounters are positive and rewarding.
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