price Italian Mastiff for sale UkThe Italian Mastiff Cane Corso is a canine breed from Italy. Its name comes from the Latin “Cohors” which means “guardian” and “protector” also called Italian Mastiff.

It was used as a sheep guardian in the past. Currently, its role is much more multipurpose as a watchdog, police dog, and companion dog.

Don’t be fooled by his serious face. The Italian mastiff breed is a sweetheart, very playful, and ideal to share with children.
Learn more about this beautiful and amazing breed and where to find them below!

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Origin of the Italian Mastiff

The Italian Mastiff breed is a direct descendant of the Canis Pugnax a dog that already existed in ancient Rome.
Strong, sturdy, and intelligent, they were used by Roman legionaries on the front line of battle.

The first records of the Italian Mastiff as a breed appear in the 16th century, when the Corso was used for hunting wild boar and for herding sheep.

But the Italian Mastiff was also chosen for its strong character and imposing appearance as an escort in merchant caravans.
The name “Corso” means powerful, robust, and imposing. A name which suits him very well!

Italian Mastiff puppies

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Italian Mastiff Characteristics

The life expectancy of the Italian Mastiff or Cane Corso is 10-11 years, and they can have a litter of 4-6 puppies at a time. However, you should be aware of their special characteristics and needs.


The Italian Mastiff breed is large, ranging in height from 23 to 27 inches and weighing between 95-113 pounds in dogs and 86-90 pounds in bitches.


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The classic colour of the Italian Mastiff is black, but you can find other shades:

• Italian Mastif blue.
• Pure light and dark grey.
• Brindle in grey or black tones.
• Grey or black with large white spots on chest and legs.
• Plumb-gray.
• Slate.
• Light grey, light fawn, or deer fawn.

One of the most popular colours is the Italian Mastiff blue.

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Italian Mastiff Temperament

The Italian Mastiff temperament is very courageous and independent.

This means he is very loyal and docile, forming very strong bonds with his owners and family. Even more so with children or the elderly, whom he will guard and protect at all times, even with his life if that should be the case. He does not stray far from home and if necessary becomes a terrible protector. They can have aggressive tendencies towards strangers and other dogs but is not territorial. This is easily corrected with good training.
However, cane Corso tends to be very calm and quiet at home.

Health and grooming needs

Due to its large size, the Italian Mastiff can suffer from hip dysplasia or elbow dysplasia.

Both diseases are genetic and degenerative.

A good way to avoid this is to keep him fit and under the weight mentioned above. Also, during puppyhood, avoid jumping from great heights, which can injure and aggravate this degenerative condition.

They can have problems with entropion (the eyelids are inverted, disturbing the eyes). Females can have vaginal hyperplasia.

Special care must be taken in the care of their mouth because it is closely related to the development of periodontal disease, which can lead to tooth loss.
They can also develop heart, kidney, or liver disease. But this is more related to their diet and exercise.

Physical Needs

Italian Mastiff puppies are very energetic and can live in enclosed spaces (such as departments) as long as they have room to play. Remember that at this stage it is very important to keep them away from jumping and running around too much while their bones are forming to avoid dysplasia.

Once they grow into a lovable 23-inch, nearly 100-pound giant, they need to grow with them.

They have a medium energy level that will demand an average of 3-4 walks a day. Furthermore, they are a very athletic breed. They love to jog and make excellent jogging companions and will even serve to motivate you!


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Italian Mastiff Trainability

This breed is very intelligent, so they need constant stimulation, so it is very important to start training them from 3 weeks of age until around 12 weeks of age, during their socialization period.

This is when they learn appropriate behaviour, and then it is more difficult to train them.

A well-trained Italian Mastiff is a great companion and will tolerate both canine and human strangers.

So if you are looking to buy an Italian Mastiff, here are some tips for training them at home:
Start simple: Sit, stay, quiet. This is important for you and your puppy’s safety.
From the moment you bring the Corsican into your home, establish proper behaviour and habits. You should never spoil your puppy or allow him to chew your shoes or jump on the couch.

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