Why choose a female cane corso

Hi, I’m Juanma Morato and today I’m here to talk to you about why choose a female Cane Corso.

In this blog I am going to tell you about the main differences between a male and a female Cane Corso.

Obviously, we are breeding the Cane Corso or Italian Mastiff breed, with which we would be talking about specific characteristics of our breed.

The size of a female cane corso

When we talk about the female cane corso, we are talking about dogs that can reach and even exceed fifty kilos.

In the Italian mastiff, the females are large although they are somewhat smaller than the males.

That is why the choice for size is not the most important issue.

If we were talking about a breed such as the beagle, from the female to the male we would find more difference in size.

female cane corso

Differences between a female and a male

In the choice between male and female in the cane corso, we will take into account the way in which both behave, which are completely different, when it comes to guard duty.

The female is more attached and when there is a dangerous situation, she does not abandon the owner, she stays with her owner, touching his leg, to protect him in a risky or complicated situation.

The behavior of the male before an intruder is different.

The male usually goes towards the aggressor, he goes for danger, he is like the lion that goes to defend his pride.

Thus we see that the behavior, before the protection of the family, is different from a male to a female.

Regarding behavior with children, I must say that both are wonderful. The female may be a little more affectionate and somewhat more attached to the family than the male. The Cane Corso takes longer to fully grow than other breeds. So in the first year it can be more childish, but when the change hits it is spectacular and impressive. The Cane Corso is, for me, the best guard and family breed. With a great mental and emotional balance.