Cane Corso or Italian Mastiff: All you need to know about this breed of dogs

The Cane Corso or also called Italian Mastiff, is a medium-large molosser dog that unlike other breeds the Italian Corsican has its physical characteristics very marked and are striking like its sister breed the Italian Mastiff.  Its name comes from the latin cohors which means protector, guardian of the corral.

cane corso mastín italiano
History and origin
Physical characteristics
Living together
Education and training
Hygiene and cleaning
Advantages and disvantages
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Cane corso, the ideal partner

Cane corso Mastín italiano

The first thing you should know is that the Cane Corso is the ideal dog to have at home with your family and children. Although its appearance is intimidating, it’s a family dog, affectionate and protective with the family and children.

Due to its great intelligence, the Italian Mastiff or Cane Corso is very easy to train so that its socialization with the family is perfect!

It’s not by chance that nowadays people who have acquired a Cane Corso feel it as a member of the family, a breed of molasses that is loved for its intelligence, tranquility and dedication to all the people around him.

The History of Cane Corso

The origins and the history of the cane corso go back to its first records centuries ago during the Roman Empire, as it is a descendant dog of the molasses of Rome, the canis pugnax, which was used as a war dog and faithful companion of the legions in the front lines of the most important battles of the Roman conquest. It was also used for circus games and as a gladiator dog. The cane corso breed is characterized by its obedience, bravery and above all its loyalty.

Its abilities were not limited to that, it was also an excellent hunting and farm dog, guarding the grounds and providing food for its masters, facing ferocious animals such as lions, bears or wolves.

The Italian Mastiff was on the verge of disappearing around the 20th century, but its faithful followers, with a lot of discipline and effort, managed to recover the breed so that in 1993 it was recognized by the International Federation as a breed and in 2007 it became official.

Over the years, these dogs fulfilled other tasks. Some people even used them as companions on long trips. Why? Because of their intimidating appearance and their sobriety. No one would mess with someone who had a Cane Corso with them.

In recent times, it wasn’t until 1998 that the first records of the Cane Corso appeared. These were military documents highlighting the great potential these dogs could offer in field missions.

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Historia Cane Corso
Cane Corso Historia

Physical Characteristics

Characteristics of the cane corso

They have a broad skull, with a slightly convex shape at the top. The nose is always black and the eyes are oval and dark brown. The muzzle is smaller than the skull, with the upper lip protruding more than the lower lip. The ears are triangular and fall naturally on the head.

The physical characteristics of the cane corso are very varied:

The cane corso is a breed of large size and molosser, it grows between 60 – 70 cm at the withers and the weight can be between 40 – 50 kg, all this depending on whether it is male or female, being the females smaller in both aspects.

It has a very imposing and muscular body in general. Its back is straight and its limbs are well developed and long, which gives it great agility.

They have short, dense and thick hair, and by nature with a high level of brightness.

It is positioned at the top of the fourth vertebra of the back, and is a robust and massive tail like the rest of the body.

Its characteristic color is gray and blue cane corso, however, has other variety of color in the coat as: black, light fawn, dark fawn, red fawn and even brindle, formentino, etc..

His trot and footsteps are strong, concise and wide.


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Cane corso colors 1

The colors of the cane corso or Italian Mastiff are very varied. This breed of dog has very characteristic colors. They also have a small white spot on the chest, on the tip of the O’s and on the bridge of the nose. Currently the most demanded color is the Blue cane corso or blue cane corso.

  • Black
  • Light gray
  • Lead gray
  • Slate gray
  • Light fawn
  • Dark fawn
  • Red fawn
  • Brindle
  • Formentino
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Cane corso character

The cane corso is a very balanced, agile and lively dog, but its most important attribute is that it’s a guard dog and has a great protective instinct, being loyal to its environment and very affectionate with those who belong to it, being always on the lookout for strangers to demonstrate the possession of its space and its dominant character.

The character of the Cane Corso is very particular. Its name “Corso” means powerful. Undoubtedly, strong is one of the best adjectives that can be used to describe their personality. Because they are not only physically robust, but they have a strength of character that very few breeds have. However, don’t panic! It is a very strong dog, but that does not mean that it is dangerous. It is a very docile and intelligent breed: perfect to spend great moments with the family.

Besides, it usually creates a great bond with its owners. So, it will not hesitate to protect you and your family from any danger – they are very loyal!

It is also worth noting their versatility, as many of their characteristics make them a perfect dog to guard. Many people use them to guard their properties.

The good news is that they are not nervous at all, so you will never see a bad reaction from them. They will only use their strength when they are in the presence of real danger.

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Living with a cane corso in family and with children

cane corso y los niños

Living with a cane corso is very easy. It is a family dog. The behavior of the cane corso with children is spectacular, since he takes care of them as if they were his own puppies. He is patient, playful and very calm, virtues that make him stand out to be with children.

Being a guardian dog by nature, his instinct makes him protect all the members of the family, always watching over all the people around him.

It is very intelligent, having as maximum virtue its capacity of understanding with people and its easy training.

The behavior of this breed will depend on the education it is given since it is a puppy. However, it is a balanced, intelligent and calm dog.

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Education and training of the cane corso

Education and training of the Cane Corso

The education and training of the Cane Corso is very important for the future coexistence in the home where he will live. Being a quiet and very intelligent dog, it is easy to teach him many things. It is advisable that the training begins when they are puppies, teaching them their routines and socializing them in a correct way.

We can teach them to inhibit the bite, to know how to be with people and animals in their environment by training them to sit, lie down, stay still, not to eat until instructed to do so, etc.

If we carry out a correct training and education, it will result in a friendly, social and above all balanced dog, since through this effort, the result will be optimal for a good integration in the family.

The behavior of the Cane Corso with his family can be defined as docile. However, it is advisable to train them during their first months of life to eliminate any undesirable traits. In general, this training should be oriented to the integration of the dog in the family and in the home where it will live.

Another thing to take into account is that they are very intelligent dogs that like to work. This is why it is recommended that you assign them tasks inside the house to train their brain capacity. They will thank you for it!

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Cane corso socialization

Socialization of cane corso

The socialization of the Cane Corso is necessary from its earliest age when they are still puppies.

Not all breeders of cane corso puppies perform a socialization before selling that puppy. In cane corso Barcelona we take very seriously this section, for this reason several years ago we created our puppy park to teach them to experience the different situations they will find in their new home.

This park consists of a circuit where the puppy will encounter everyday situations that he will find in his new home such as falling water, fabric curtains, gravel floors, sand, plates, marble, games with children and people, games with other dogs and puppies, etc. In this way the puppy will be prepared to integrate perfectly in any home.

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Cane Corso Feeding

Feeding of the cane corso

The diet of the cane corso is similar to that of any other dog. However, we recommend that you consult a veterinarian for a specific diet. We recommend a natural diet based on fish, white and red meat, vegetables, dairy products and fruits, but if you do not have time to prepare this type of diet, you can buy some quality feed for cane corso dogs and puppies.

It is of utmost importance to choose a high quality food for your dog, as it is a breed that spends a lot of energy daily and also avoids repercussions on their health in the long term, for this reason the food from their early years of life is essential.

One of the best is the BARF diet based on 100% natural products such as fish, beef, chicken, legumes, vegetables, dairy products, honey, etc. However, if you do not have time to prepare this diet daily, you can use some high quality feed.

It is also important to ration their quantities very well to avoid any problem of overweight and to create eating habits for your cane corso always at the same time so that he understands when it is time to eat.

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Hygiene and cleaning of the Cane Corso

Bathing and cleaning of the Cane Corso

The hygiene and cleaning of a cane corso will be very easy for you! It is a dog that can be defined as very simple in terms of maintenance, however it is important to know some recommendations to keep your cane corso always in the best shape.

  • His brushing should be done weekly to remove all those dead hairs, using soft brushes so as not to damage his skin.
  • It should be bathed approximately every 20 days, or if it is a dog that is more sedentary, give it a bath when it needs it because of its dirt or smell.
  • Use quality grooming products to preserve the shine of the coat.
  • Brush his teeth at least 3 times a week to avoid periodontal diseases.
  • Seek comfort so that he can sleep soundly and without anything that could disturb him, such as temperature, noise, etc.
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Cane corso Health

Health of the cane corso

The health of the cane corso should always be checked by a veterinarian. It is a fairly healthy breed, it can rarely get sick, however, it is known for the possibility of suffering from diseases such as: hip and elbow dysplasia, vaginal hyperplasia, essential epilepsy, stomach torsion, eye diseases such as entropion or cherry eye and Lyme disease, which has to do with the bacteria coming from ticks.

It has been proven that a good diet will prevent many health problems of the Cane Corso.

Its average life span is between 9 and 12 years approximately.

It is a fairly healthy breed, rarely can get sick, however, is known for the possibility of being able to suffer from diseases such as: hip and elbow dysplasia, essential epilepsy, stomach torsion, eye diseases such as entropion or cherry eye and Lyme disease, which has to do with the bacteria from ticks.

It has been proven that a good diet will prevent many health problems of the Cane Corso.

Their average lifespan is between 9 and 12 years approximately.

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Cane corso care

Education and training of the Cane Corso

The care of the cane corso in this breed is very simple, but we should pay attention to the usual basic care for the Italian Mastiff to be perfectly well.

  • We should follow a good quality food to avoid diseases and health problems.
  • Periodically check its skin and carry out anti-parasite treatments to eliminate ticks and insects.
  • Exercise the cane corso with games and physical exercise.
  • Periodic check-ups by the veterinarian.
  • Weekly bathing, cleaning and brushing.
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How much does it cost to keep a cane corso per month?

It is a very frequent question among people who want to know how much does it cost to keep a cane corso or Italian Mastiff per month. Having a cane corso dog, and this issue basically lies in what food and care you are going to give to your Italian Mastiff.

The cane corso’s nails

For example, regarding the care of his nails, if your cane corso dog is often taken for walks and even to the mountains, his nails will file by themselves and you will not need to cut them so often, however, we must be careful to clean them after each walk to avoid any infection that could harm your cane corso. If your dog does not go for walks too many times, it is advisable to take your cane corso to the veterinarian for this maintenance.

Care of the cane corso’s coat

For the care of the coat, it is important to take into account two basic things: brushing and the type of food you feed your cane corso. If you want your cane corso to have a nice and shiny coat, you should brush it twice a day, in order to remove all those dead hairs, residues on the skin and any knots that may form to keep the coat clean and soft. It goes without saying that using a quality shampoo will also help your dog’s coat and keep it healthy.

Feeding the cane corso

Food is the biggest expense that will occur, but it will be the key factor for your dog not to suffer from diseases in the future, so it is essential to feed him quality products and above all, that are natural, for example, products such as chicken and red meats, fish or fish oil, vegetables, dairy products, honey, etc. …

With all the above mentioned, it is estimated that you could spend approximately between 55 € – 65 € per month, it is clear that this expenditure will depend on the quality of food and hygiene products you get for him.

In Cane Corso Barcelona, we always recommend the best quality products, so we can keep our dog in the best conditions.

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Life expectancy of a cane corso

esperanza de vida cane corsoThe lifespan or life expectancy of a cane corso will depend, as we have mentioned, on the food it eats, the sport and exercise it does and the regular follow-up visits to the veterinarian for routine check-ups and to detect possible diseases early enough to cure them. These visits to the veterinarian can help to extend the life expectancy of your cane corso!

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Care of the cane corso coat

Cane corso hair careThe cane corso dogs have a short, hard and quite strong coat, since they have a double layer of hair, and like any other breed, although their hair is short, they have stages where the hair falls out, because the inner layer is lost approximately before the beginning of the summer.

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How to trim a cane corso nails

How to cut Cane Corso nails

Here are some tips on how to cut the nails of a cane corso dog.

– First clean the paws very well

– Make sure you are in a well-lit place.

– Locate the nail vein.

– Cut the nail from edge to edge

– Repeat the same practice on all the other nails.

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How to trim nails

Playing with a cane corso

How to play with a Cane Corso

Being a very strong and athletic dog, to play with a cane corso it is advisable to take him outside to enjoy wide spaces where he can run and burn all that energy that the cane corso has. But the energy of the cane corso is not excessive so it does not need daily exercise.

To play with a cane corso it is necessary to provide him with special toys for big dogs so that he can chew them and avoid damaging furniture or personal objects.

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Cane corso or Italian Mastiff puppies

Cane corso puppies italian mastiff

If you are thinking of getting a Cane Corso puppy, you should know that this breed needs a lot of affection and an owner who is for him, someone who will train him with patience and tranquility since they are puppies.

The Italian Mastiff puppy is not difficult to train, it is quite easy, since they are very intelligent, but they do not tolerate to be treated badly or aggressively, you must be kind when you educate them and when you reprimand them for a bad act.

When you are completely sure of having a cane corso, you will realize that you will have a faithful friend, who can follow you wherever you go, a perfect companion for your children and a great guardian for the whole family.

Cane Corso Price

Price of cane corso dog

How much does a Cane Corso or Italian Mastiff cost? The price of the Cane Corso can vary depending on the quality of the puppy. The quality will depend on the following:

  • Type of food he has received since puppyhood, if his diet has been based on all-natural food such as fish, chicken, red meat, honey, dairy, etc. . The price of the cane corso puppy will be higher.
  • The type of socialization he has received from puppyhood so that when he arrives at his future owner’s house he will be a dog adapted to daily life without fear of his environment.
  • The type of parents he has. If its parents have been champions in a dog show or if it is a purebred cane corso, the price of the puppy will also be higher.

However, it is important to take into account that the guarantee provided by the puppies’ breeders in terms of health aspects, origin and others, will determine how professional the place where they come from is.

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