convivencia con un cane corso

It is normal among people who may not have much knowledge of this breed to feel doubts about how the cane corso behaves with its family environment. In Cane Corso Barcelona, we want to dedicate this blog to the coexistence of the cane corso with the family and children that the dog can find around him.

As an introduction, it should be noted that the character that the cane corso will develop along its growth, has an important role in the genetics that the puppy has and in the work of socialization (insert link) that is done with him, where you can expose him to situations of everyday life. If this process is correctly done, he will be a 10/10 dog.

Cane corso and children

cane corso y los niños

The cane corso has incredible qualities when he is near children that belong to his close environment and even children that are external. It is a dog that exudes a lot of patience, gentleness and cordiality when playing, however, it is important that at the time of playing it is supervised to prevent the child from hurting himself with the dog thanks to its large size and weight.

It should also be noted that they are defined by having a “babysitter” behavior with children, as they are always on the lookout that they do not hurt themselves at any time, their care is huge, and they treat them as if they were their own puppies.

It is evident that for them to develop this balanced quality, it is necessary to implement it within the training sessions (make link) so that they can acquire little by little to have this tranquility and gentleness with the children. It will also promote this quality if the dog comes from a kennel of suitable conditions, where they select process of temperament of the dogs so that they can adapt to each owner and their lifestyle.


The cane corso is a dog that relates excellently with the other members of the family. Once the dog is owned, it will relate in a slightly more special way with one of those family members, as they like to choose the one, they will consider their master. From 8 – 9 months in males (a little earlier in the case of females) they start to develop that guardian instinct that characterizes so much the dogs of this breed and can change its attitude in a matter of seconds depending on the situation they are in now.

For example, a situation that can happen very often is when visitors come to the house visitors: the cane corso will not go directly to bite as a defense to those people who come, but it will go into guard mode to warn that person that he should not go from there unless his owner allows it. It is then when the dog changes its attitude to a calmer one, remaining alert.

In conclusion, the cane corso is a breed whose greatest virtue is the intelligence it possesses, and that is why it is an ideal dog to relate optimally with the family and children.

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