The cane corso is a sweet and intelligent breed

He is a Guardian for the family, also called the Italian mastiff, or the Italian cane corso dog.

It’s super smart I say that almost too smart, is smarter than many people, the corso fits a kindly

and faithful and affectionate with his owner and his family,

especially with children.





The cane corso dog is incredibly respectful, it is sweet and not at all excessive, knows its power and is very sure of itself,

this makes him have incredible examples such as a small breed dog that is 3 years old and the  cane corso pup comes to his new family and

the family that already has the small dog before, the cane corso will be a follower, never a leader, at no time submits the small dog,

he adopts it as the family and lets him be a leader. This says a lot about how safe a Canecorso is.






The cane corso will always respect the little one and let him be the leader always, and it is exciting to see how in difficult situations or some dogs

or people want to harm their leader and cane corso will defend his life to defend his herd to his family.

The Italian mastiff also called cane corso is a large breed, it is a powerful and strong elegant mastiff.

The females are quite different from the males in both size and character.

Corsican cane females are more instinct guardian.

The males of race corso cane





They are security guards for the family, they are human security guards for their intelligence.

The cane corso dog is wonderful with the people and the best friend of the children

It is a cane corso race especially the best breed with children.

The dog of race cane corso is an ideal dog to accompany us to do sport, mountain.

Jogging on the beach





And quickly get an awesome physical shape, you can go swimming and running around the city or the beach.

It is a family dog ​​companion and faithful friend, great with the family.

The corso cane learns fast and is always willing to learn,