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Our puppies of Cane Corso formentinos are considered the best in the world, from the line of x-man we have managed to have wonderful Cane Corso formentinos and we have adjusted the homogeneity.


We have contributed quality in our Cane Corso formentinos doing matting in france and germany this has given us a quality of Cane Corso formentino that to see, our puppies of Cane Corso formentino have a shine and an incredible quality of hair, to nuestros florentino puppies we call them cane corso lion, or change our lions.

Our cane corso puppies formentino puppies with blue eyes at puppy age and changing, usually never in adulthood, have blue eyes.

Some of cane puppies Corso Cane formentinos, have honey eyes, pulling to blue others more brown and others more yellowish.

We can see our photos of our Florentines, our lions.


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