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When you start searching for a Corso Cane puppies (Italian mastiff) as a new member of the family, most of us consider how we want our Cane Corso pup to be and we look into different things. These things are the character, size, consideration of the space in our house … But we must have other important aspects to consider, such as the genetic morphology of the dog that we choose.

We always have to make sure that when we choose the place where to buy our italian Cane Corso pup, the breeder knows perfectly the breed that works and knows how to clarify each of the doubts we have, also make sure that it has an affix, it will always increase the confidence when you buy the Cane Corso puppy or italian mastiff.

Transparency is paramount, so the breeder you choose shouldn’t have any problem showing you the parents of your puppy, because that way you can know and see the puppy’s breeding line.

Our bloodline and our Cane Corso pups are based on legendary brutus X-man, world champion.

He is a legend in the race, which gives us marvelous Cane Corso pups, the breed is the best in the world, it has no comparison, it has everything we normally look for.

There is nothing that compares to having a Cane Corso puppy.

We already have wonderful Cane Corso in USA, Los AngelesSan Francisco,  Las Vegas,  Texas, Houston, Spain, and thousands of happy customers.

Why buy a Cane Corso puppie?

Because he is faithful, powerful but very balanced, he is a dog for the family, he protects the family, It is NOT a dog to have it in a single field.

He is an intelligent dog, I always say ALMOST too intelligent, daring, he loves his people, he quickly takes over his house and does the guardian very well.

He is a guardian of the family and a member of the family, he is one more. Cane Corso puppy is imposed to explain.

There are times when people usually ask me always the same things.

The most popular questions are this:

  1. Can Cane Corso do sport?
  2. My Cane Corso puppy loses many hair?
  3. Is Cane Corso like an Dogo Argentino?
  4. How is the Cane Corso with my children?

1) Can Cane Corso do sport?

The Cane Corso can play sports and can do long runs. Never in puppy age, because the bones muscles are not prepared.

After 15 months, the Cane Corso can do long walks, run time on the beach.

And enjoy the sport with your wonderful Cane Corso.

2) My Cane Corso puppy loses many hair?

The Cane Corso puppy is not a race that loses hair especially, only in the times of molting, the best thing is that the Cane Corso has short hair, It is a hair that does not react to allergic people.

Therefore it is wonderful to be inside the house.

I must say that it is THE BEST RACE, everything is good.

3) Is Cane Corso like an Dogo Argentino?

The Cane Corso today, I specify this because the cane corso in the 90s, the males used to weigh about 50 kg maximum, the standard picks up until now, the cane corso has been evolving and little by little has been gaining weight, I would say that we are almost in the 60kg of a male.

Therefore greater than the Dogo Argentine, the corso cane is not excessive, can coexist with other breeds, the dogo many times can not do it, the Cane Corso has no problems and arrives at a puppy house and has a small dog but of legal age, and the Cane Corso lets him rule.

He is very sure of himself and that gives him that balance.

4) How is the Cane Corso with my children?

Your Cane Corso pup will be spectacular with the children.

Is a wonderful breed, they have very good socialization.

We bring our 3 year old and 6 year old nephews home, the puppies and they play, they go crazy, it’s wonderful to be able to enjoy those wonderful moments.

Cane corso puppies for sale
Cane corso puppies for sale

Given that the Cane Corsos are prone to suffer from diseases such as hip dysplasia, it is important that you know how to choose the breeder where you will buy it from in order to make sure that it has taken this genetic factor into account and has not overlooked it at the time to reproduce your dogs.

All the facts treated previously aside, I have to tell you that a good breeder knows how to recognize the character that a dog or another will have, since it has the ability to know how to observe each dog as a unique and distinguished example. This ability for the buyer is very important, because when they explain what they are looking for, the breeder will know how to guide them towards the cane corso puppy that best suits his needs, and this is achieved with years and years of experience with the breed.


I hope these tips serve you when you find yourself choosing where to buy a puppy cane corso, because our goal as breeders is to selectively maintain and improve a breed, and I personally do not live this as a job, but as a hobby with a clear objective in order to obtain the optimal specimens and know what I am looking for in each of them.
Juan Manuel Morato.

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