características cane corso mastin italiano

Cane corso’s physical characteristics

características del mastin italiano o cane corso

Cane Corsos are a little longer than they are wide, since the proportion of their trunk to the height at the withers of about 11%. Their heads are flat and slightly convex, and their total length reaches 3.6 / 10 of the height at the withers. The total length of the muzzle corresponds to 3.4 / 10 of the total length of the head and the height of the thorax is 5/10 of the height at the withers and corresponds to the height of the elbow at the limb.

Its frontal naso area is quite marked. Their eyes are oval, medium-sized, and very dark in color, as are their fur and nose, but they have a look that expresses vigilance and control. They have a shorter muzzle but a very strong, broad, and curved jaw.

Their ears are high, large and fall on the head. The tail is thick and is positioned high amputated on the fourth vertebra of the back.

They have a muscular neck and roughly the same length as the head, a thick straight back, and a defined thorax that slopes down to the elbow. The withers are quite pronounced, so much so that it passes the level of the rump. Its front and rear legs are climbing shoes, the rear legs being a little less compact than the others.

His legs are strong, fleshy, they are full of muscle, developing a movement with a step and an elongated trot. Their teeth are white, large, complete in development and number. The lower incisors slightly exceed (about ½ cm) their corresponding ones in the upper arch, thus resulting in a slightly prognathic closure.

In short, they are strong, robust, imposing dogs with an impressive but elegant physique and with great strength and energy of nature.

Cane Corsicans could suffer

Care of the cane corso

Cane Corsicans could suffer from the following faults:

  • Overweight or underweight
  • Depigmentation of the nose
  • Crooked tail
  • Convergent lateral faces of the muzzle.

Size and weight

Its measurements make this dog is categorized into giant breeds, since, in adulthood, the male Cane Corso tend to be around 64 – 68 cm without counting the head and the females 60 – 64 cm, and about weight, its Males usually weigh between 45 – 50 kg while females usually weigh 40 to 45 kg, all this in adulthood. It is important to emphasize that you must have control over your training since you must keep it online in all aspects.

tamaño y peso del cane corso mastín italiano


At 7 months of age, it is possible to estimate what size the adult dog will be. It stops growing at about a year and 7 months.

Cane Corso colors

  • Black
  • Gray
  • Lead gray
  • Slate gray
  • Light grey
  • Light fawn
  • Dark fawn
  • Red fawn
  • Brindle
History and origin
Physical characteristics
Living together
Education and training
Hygiene and cleaning
Advantages and disvantages
Maintenance cost
Life expectancy
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