Character of the cane corso


Temperament and character of the cane corso or italian mastiff

The main qualities of cane corso are based on the following:

Protective: Thanks to his imposing size, he makes an excellent watchdog, but this personal trait will drive him to get in the way if the family happens to be in danger.

Quiet: He does not usually bark a lot unless it is necessary, so he is a good breed so that he can live in an apartment without problems. It can adapt very well to urbanity and apartments if you take it out for a long enough walk (as always, on the side of its owner in a protective way). Their behavior with older people is remarkable, especially when they are adults, because their energy level lowers, and they adopt this protective form even more.

Playful: It is a very energetic dog that needs many activities to satisfy itself. He will be a great companion for children, he is very patient, and they will never be aggressive with them, but it is better not to leave them alone, since due to the size he could hurt the child by accident.

Independent: This dog does not suffer from being separated from his master; however, it is important to always keep an eye on him since he might not bear being alone for many hours as he could develop dangerous behaviors, but he is not an escapist dog.

Cane Corso’ defects

Defects of the Italian Mastiff

The main defects that the Cane Corso has are the following:

Sweet: You must be careful not to encourage him to eat many times because otherwise he will start to suffer from problems with being overweight.

Destroyer: Throughout their growth and thanks to the fact that they reach maturity late, the dog is likely to destroy things if he does not go out and does not get tired enough, that is why it is important to take him for a walk when he needs it and take advantage to play with him to drain his energies.

Stubborn: He can be a bit stubborn despite being a very intelligent dog, so his training must be firm.

The ideal owner for Cane Corso must be an experienced person, who knows the aspects of this breed very well, and who has a solid foundation regarding how to properly train and not make mistakes during this process. A rude Cane Corso can cause unfortunate damage.

It should be noted that there is a difference between male and female Cane Corsicans. The first stands out for being larger and more body, while the female is more in the role of being the guardian of the family and its protector, it is much more protected to protect its own and when there is a real problem, the male is always who would be in the front line of battle.

The Cane Corsos are a versatile breed, they are very intelligent and very sporty, at the same time calm and collected.

How is the behavior of the Cane Corso with respect to other animals?

Behavior of the cane corso or italian mastiff

If they have grown up together, there can be a very strong bond between your dog and the other pet, although the males are usually a little more to themselves and more territorial, however, if there has been a good socialization, the risks are low.

The attitude of the Cane Corso with cats is totally tolerant and, they are animals that attract a lot of attention when it comes to seeing them around, they really have an impressive mental and emotional balance.


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