Care of the cane corso

The eyes and ears of this dog are very sensitive areas and should be cleaned every day to avoid infections, as well as the nails and paws, they should be checked after every walk.

Care of the cane corso

Also, it should be noted that many people think that short hair hardly requires attention, and they are wrong. If you do not keep it clean and if you do not provide it with the moisturizers it needs, you will see that your cane corso’s coat will become dull and the skin will begin to show problems. In addition, he will suffer from a “frightening” shedding.

During shedding, short hair is infinitely more annoying than long hair. Long hairs can be seen and are absorbed by the brush or vacuum cleaner, while short hairs are stiff and stick stubbornly into upholstery fabrics, carpets, clothes, everywhere. Moreover, there are so many of them that they can flood everything! 

Bathing and drying

The ideal frequency of baths should be every 2 times a month, with the proviso to do it with lukewarm water during winter. The coat of the cane corsos is short, tight, but shiny and dense, so do not forget to use a shampoo suitable for this kind of coat and rinse with plenty of water so that there are no leftovers and can cause itching or any other allergic reaction. These dogs tend to have a more delicate pH; therefore, we also use moisturizing masks to keep the coat soft. 

It is also super recommended that, even if you don’t bathe your dog, you spray abundant moisturizing agent on the coat whenever it needs it, so that it is absorbed by the skin and coat, as this provides a very good hydration and nutrition to the skin and will always remain healthy, since this skin is very delicate with a ph7.


It needs brushing every 2 or 3 days a week to remove dead hair and some dirt particles. Use a soft bristle brush to avoid hurting his dermis. take advantage and pamper him!

Dental hygiene

To avoid periodontal diseases or even loss of teeth, it is advisable to brush his teeth with a soft bristle brush special for canine dental hygiene every day, and if it cannot be so, it should be at least 3 times a week. 

*It is important not to forget the use of anti-flea and anti-parasite pipettes and collars!


It is advisable to choose a quality bed so that it can support the size and weight of our cane corso dog when sleeping, since not all of them sleep in a curled-up way, many of them sleep in a stretched way, therefore, the bed must be big enough so that he is not uncomfortable. Also, it is advisable not to look for beds made of thin materials or those that do not transpire, it is better to look for one that is washable. 

Choose a place where the dog can sleep at room temperature or where he does not feel too hot or cold. Do not place his bed next to a radiator or an air conditioner, this will prevent him from catching a cold. If it is very cold you can tuck him in with a blanket to make him feel better, however, the Cane Corso’s coat is quite thick and will not let the cold penetrate so easily. 

If he is unable to fall asleep, you can drag his bed next to yours so that he feels more comfortable and can sleep peacefully. Normally while they are puppies, they can still get a little homesick for their mother. Make him feel comfortable.

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