adiestramiento cane corso mastín italiano

As a curious fact, the Cane Corso, being an extremely protective breed, has started to be used as a protective guardian for women in a state of gender violence, being previously trained for it. It is an easy dog and thanks to its intelligence it learns very fast and always likes to look at its owner to see what he is asking.

Tips for good training and education

  • Positive education: Violence is never the right choice when educating dogs, as it should focus on reward and not punishment. If it is the other way around, the cane corso could start to develop little by little aggressive attitudes where it will be very difficult to change it. It is a good effect to reward him when he does something well, so that it does not generate fear and in the long run an aggressive behavior.
  • Patience: Training is a process that takes time to have a good effect on your dog. It is important to be constant and repeat these sessions every day without making them too long to avoid the dog getting bored.
  • Consistency: It is important to keep the same words or gestures you teach him to avoid confusing him and that he does not attend to the commands.

When to start the training process?

educación del cane corso mastín italiano

It is fundamental to emphasize that this training process must begin since they are puppies, approximately up to 12 weeks, since, like children, they are more receptive and will grow up with these habits. It is advisable to do it from two months of age, as soon as they arrive home, establishing the rules immediately and not giving in.

It may also be advisable to contact a specialized trainer, as they can advise you to avoid making any mistakes when carrying out your training sessions. Being professionals, they will know how to adapt the education to their conduct, character, and behavior to get the most out of it, however, if the owner still finds it a very difficult task to train a male cane corso to impose authority, the adoption of a female cane corso may be easier.

The creation of discipline, routine and obedience will make your cane corso an abysmal difference with respect to other dog breeds. When they already have a hierarchy, they will learn to differentiate and control very well their emotions, their anxieties, their energies, they can be hyperactive and energetic and relaxed and calm.

History and origin
Physical characteristics
Living together
Education and training
Hygiene and cleaning
Advantages and disvantages
Maintenance cost
Life expectancy
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