Males Cane Corso puppies for sale

Uracan de la mirage de Torrellas,this wonderfull Cane Corso, champion of beauty and best in show in different countries, is distinguished by his spectacular character and the character that permeates to its litters. Is direct offspring of the world champion and for me the best Cane Corso of all time X-MAN or Brutus according to the pedigree.

Uracan was born in Spain on August 9, 2014. He has always been a very special dog at home, since he was born a magical bond was created that will never break. Robust strong, is very intelligent, energetic and balanced, is incomparable dog for the guard and defense.

Uracan is extremely intelligent, is sweet and very careful with humans, for example when you take some food in your hands. Docile and affectionate with the owner, lover of children and family and daring of the people, of the house and of the properties.

This is your website and site to buy Cane Corso males in Spain. We raised Cane Corso for many years, we do it in the best conditions, males, females, puppies for sale to buy online.

If you are looking for a good male from Cane Corso, here is the bull’s eye. Buy a member of the new family is something important, a Cane Corso puppy is something exciting and unique, so as I said it must be something nice and safe.

It is very important also look some criteria for the search. These criteria vary from character, size, consideration of the space of our house … But we must have other important aspects to consider, such as the genetic morphology of the dog we choose and we help you to choose one.

We always have to be sure that when we choose the place where to buy our Italian Cane Corso puppy, the breeder knows the breed perfectly, that he is a professional breeder, why?

Because he knows everything he needs and more. Having a direct communication with a Cane Corso breeder with so many years of experience is the best choise, we help the purchaser of Cane Corso to understand the characteristics and needs of the Cane Corso, greatly facilitating the life of the purchaser, and most importantly the Cane Corso is happy and healthy.

It is very important, the parents are fully tested with all the health tests completed, in our case Uracan, HD-B ED-0. Apart from Uracán you can also buy a male puppy from our beloved X-man.

We fulfill all the necessary, for that reason and thanks to the x-Man genetics, we have the bests puppies of Cane Corsos.

You can know the puppy line of your future Cane Corso. Our line of blood and our Cane Corso puppies are based on the legendary X-man, world champion. A living legend in the race, which gives us wonderful Cane Corso puppies, the best in the world, it has no comparison, it has everything we normally look for in a Cane Corso.

There is nothing that compares to having a Cane Corso puppy. We already have wonderful Cane Corso throughout Spain, thousands of happy customers.

Why a Cane Corso puppy?

Because it is faithful, powerful but very balanced, it is a dog for the family, it protects the family.

He is a very intelligent dog, audacious, he loves his people, he quickly takes over his house and does very well as a guardian.

The story of x-men:

It is one of the most important Italian Corsos Cane in history, in the race and has a story to tell.

Brutus, for us always X-man, was born in Spain on 02/05/2013 was born in the house of a non-breeder in Cádiz Spain called Ana Santaella, the result of two dogs that Ana bought, one in Spain and another in France a litter was born historical, the X-man litter. Ana contacted me to help her sell the puppies, at first I said no, it did not seem feasible for me to sell other people’s dogs, I could promote my own, in the end we agreed, and I told her that I helped her and Ana rewarded me with my X-man.

Since I had him in my arms a bond was created between us that would never break, since puppy I saw his potential and I dedicated myself body and soul to him.Soon it began to stand out in dog shows, all our work was reflected when in the World Dog Show 2015 in Milan, it was proclaimed World Beauty Champion and Group 2 Champion in the world, getting to be 3rd in the Best in show of Italian races. Best Italian Cane Corso of the breed and Best in show 3.

Thank you for choosing Corsos de X-man Barcelona.