We are breeders Cane Corso in Spain, we have Cane Corso in all countries, in Los Angeles, in Miami,  in Chicago, in San Francisco and Dallas, Texas

“It is not doing what we like, but we like what we do, making life a blessing”
– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe –

Venta de Cane Corso

Our passion with the Cane Corso was born 10 years ago when we founded the kennel name “The Mirage of Torrellas” soon becoming one of the best affixes Cane Corso in the world. In our passion for Cane Corso we traveled all over the world, competing in dog shows and winning top global awards. We have the honor, on our campus, to have world champions and vice champions junior canine beauty. FCI Affix today: Corso X-man Barcelona.

We work with the Cane Corso from the early age, since they are with their mother, with puppies also. We live with our Cane Corso, with our puppies and our dogs, this is very important, we give them a feeding bottle if its necessary, staying without sleep for months.

That is our passion for Cane Corsos.

Why buy a Cane Corso?

I would define the Cane Corso as guardian of the family

Our Cane Corso don’t life in cage, they life in groups. Our Cane Corso puppy eat vegetables, fruit, meat, we do our own raw menu.

Intelligent clever, attached always looking for his master, always eager to learn.

Intrepid, tenacious, proud and balanced. He has a vigorous temperament, ready to work with him, he can work in any field.

The Cane Corso can work on anything they learn very fast.

Our dear Cane Corso is wonderful with the kids, a wonderful family dog. With his owners and the children of the house he is docile, affectionate, faithful and protective.

He is on alert to any strange situation, being quite distrustful with the strangers. He is very intelligent and sure of himself. If the training is right, learn easily.

Cane Corso requires socialization and education since childhood, socialization has to be well done, like any puppy of any race. The Cane Corso is a fantastic race to protect the family.

Corso Cane puppies are intelligent, balanced, need the normal socialization of any race. And these have made today we have wonderful character in our bloodline and optimal health.

We have been selecting the character and phenotype of our Cane Corso for more than 15 years, making crosses with exceptional character and a performing character tests before crossing. Only the best examples of beauty, character and health are part of our breeding program.

We have the honor, in our campus, of having world champions and vice junior canine beauty champions. Today with FCI Affix: Corso X-man Barcelona, raise Cane Corso.

Our way of raising is a responsible and familiar breeding.

We do not have cages, our dogs live in groups, eat together and enjoy sports and a healthy and happy life.

We feed our dogs following a natural diet Barf, based on meat, vegetables and fish. We work the fitness and health of our dogs in our pool designed specifically for them.

We carry out all the socialization phases of all our puppies, so that in the future our clients enjoy happy and balanced specimens.

Spend many times and waste a lot of time money and effort, today we have the best Cane Corso inthe world, above all, with the character that we want our Corso Cane, inserted in the ADN of our Corso Cane.

If you are interested in buy a Cane Corso, you are in the correct place, we have Cane Corso Blue, Cane Corso Black, Cane Corso Grey, and Cane Corso Brindle.

My name is Juan Manuel Morato, and it a pleasure speak about the best breed in the world Cane Corso.

“It’s not doing what we like, but we like what we do, which makes life a blessing”

 Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe –

Canecorso breed Barcelona