Any dog lover will fall in love with a Cane Corso puppy.
His bright eyes, his clumsy little legs and the funny movement of his tail are capable of stealing anyone’s heart.

curious and explorers

Cane Corso puppies are curious little explorers, wanting to investigate their entire environment.
From the moment they open their eyes, they are fun puppies, who show great enthusiasm for discovering the world around them. They learn from all experiences (noises, smells…). That natural curiosity that characterizes them is what encourages them to interact with those around them (animals, family…) and this leads them to develop social skills from a very young age.

Very playful and full of energy

Italian Mastiff puppies have a lot of energy and love to play and have fun.
They are always ready to play happily. They love to catch toys with their mouths, chase their tails, run, jump…
All these games are very necessary for their good mental and physical development.

Very affectionate with their Human Family

Cane Corso puppies love the games and caresses they receive from their family.
They always seek the company of their masters and constantly try to attract attention to get attention.
The bond that is created between the puppy and the people who care for and love it will be stronger and stronger and will last a lifetime.

Intelligence and ease in learning

Cane Corso puppies are very intelligent and have a great facility for learning.
They are very willing to integrate everything they have learned in their growth stage. All this makes it a very easy breed to train and they easily learn what their owners want to teach them.
The Cane Corso, like any other dog, needs a good positive education, promoting those things that it learns and does well. That will lead him to have a polite and balanced behavior in his adult life.