my name is Juan manuel morato from Cane corsos de X-man and
Today I want to speak about raw food in our cane corsos.
before to speak about the food and send a link of our videos of the food
important speak about the food of our cane corsos.
Do you know Cane Corso?

Today we invite you to the presentation of the best race in the world, and if we say the best,

because we believe without doubt that it is.

Everyone, when we look for a companion dog, we want a faithful, protective,

guardian, affectionate with family and children, quiet, but at the same time playful and above all full

of nobility. Well, gentlemen, I just described Cane Corso.

When I think of each one of my dogs, I understand the mental balance

that this breed has, because even though each of them is different and different,

they all have the same characteristics explained previously.

These characteristics are not achieved but with years of experience and coexistence

with this particular breed and through a predisposed and accepted genetic selection to try to

achieve perfect character.

The size of Cane Corso cheats, and that is that people tend to tag things or judge them.

Many people think that a flat is not a convenient place for a dog of these characteristics, but is not

it convenient for the dog or for you?




If you are not one of those people who tend to judge everything,

let me tell you why you should choose this race regardless of where you live.

It is true that they are great dogs, but at the same time they are very calm and sleepy.

They do not usually bark and if they do, believe me it is for some justified reason.

They have a very fast learning and understand everything that is said to them.

Whenever an order is dictated it must be done doctrined but affectionate,

since they are especially sensitive dogs.
They tend to continually seek your attention in order to give you all the love they have.

Now it’s your turn. Stand up and reflect.

Do you think you can give him everything he needs?

Do you think you are compatible in the character?

Do you have so much love to share?

If you still doubt the answers to these questions,

look one day at some

Cane Corso in your eyes and you can see his penetrating and transparent look at the same time.

When you do watch and be attentive,

why will it be at that very moment when you fall in love with the best race in the world? Think about

it and think about it very well, because when you decide to look them in the eyes, the addiction will

become so immensely great that you will never be able to get away from them anymore.

first of all I want to say this : DOGS ARE CARNIVORES
Cane corso need meat ,

the ideal diet raw for dogs contain meat, muscle, organs,
cartilage ,bone,fish and fruits and vegetables.
when you do raw diet, the skin is super, very nice coat , cane corso is with a super muscle ,
also the CACA is so small , they assimilate the dog .
In corsos de X-man barcelona we have many years , working in our own menu , for our corsos.
we buy our big machine many years ago for the crushed menu .
Today new video CANE CORSO want to known more about the breed video 34 today we go to buy the food of our TOP CORSOS
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is an incomparable dog guard and defense, the best for the family . Docile and affectionate with the
owner, lover of children and the family ❤️❤️❤️❤️ THE BEST BREED cachorro cane corso
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Juan Manuel Morato