Cane Corso Health

The Cane Corso is a very physically strong dog and enjoys very good health.

stoically endure the pain and do not complain almost never.

The Cane Corso Usually have very few health problems:
One of The most common is called ‘cherry eye’ Which is the term used to refer to a prolapse of the gland of canine nictitans, Known as the third eyelid, When nictitating membrane prolapses and Becomes visible. The ‘cherry eye’ may be more common in puppies.

Another problem Can Have That big races like the Cane Corso is hip dysplasia, as there is a rapid Increase in body weight and volume growth. It is a deformity of the hip joint (hip socket and femoral binding head); Which can cause pain and even lameness in the Suffers animal, and difficulty sitting or climbing stairs. The age of onset varies from 4 months in extreme cases and the MOST 12 months. However, four months before you can take the test PennHip Where You can specify the odds for a puppy Develop dysplasia, but it is never diagnose Because not 4 months Until When there is a sufficient development thereof. Cases of hip dysplasia, Usually, Usually bilateral.

In the presentation of hip dysplasia are Also Involved environmental factors : such as diet, exercise strenuous, especially in young age, overweight and hormonal changes. So the puppies inherit from Their parents (genetic load) greater or lesser predisposition or vulnerability to developing dysplasia and growth stage ACCORDING AS ITS (nutrition, exercise rate, growth rate …) They manifest a greater or lesser extent.