I am Juanma Morato of Corsos de X-man and in this article I will talk about the colors of the corso cane, the cane corso and its color.

How are the colors and how they were in the anteririty.



The Cane Corso as I have already explained in other articles, has gradually evolved, little by little changing

and he has done it in almost his entirety, he has done it in the guy, he has done it in his carachter, he has done it and he has been changing

in its functionality, and as not in its layer and color



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As we said at the beginning we found a cane corso with little weight, little bone, very agile, and panther type,

very ferroz and that its war function has been changing to the guard.

In the 70’s of the recovery, the Italians who start to find that dog of the puglia, they speak that the cane cors that encontarbaneran a bright color

that for those who do not know would be like a fawn with the mask of the black face and a dog of the dark puglia,

There is no talk of dark black a dark brown.



At present, the colors accepted in the standard of the FCI race are these:

Black, Black tiger, tiger, lead gray, slate gray, light gray, light fawn

dark fawn and fawn deer; color of formentino (with stripes in different shades of fawn or gray)

in fawn and brindle colored dogs


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The black or gray mask on the muzzle should not go beyond the line of the eyes.

A small white spot on the chest, on the tip of the Oes and on the bridge of the nose is acceptable.

From the fawn or fawn and the almost dark of the 70s as we see a lot of rain now we have diversity of colors

As we would say for all tastes, we have so many people who say (I like black because it is the original color

of the cane corso), because this is not a conjecture that is not true because it was not black was like not dark black.

Later for many people of the old cane corso , old breeders, so little wanted or was very much to your liking the gray corso cane,

for they said that gray was a mestizo that the gray came from crosses of the Neapolitan mastino, I think they can have their part of reason,

since the cane corso and the Neapolitan mastino are first cousins ​​in the beginning.

There is also a history that when there were hardly any dark breeders of the breed in the eighties of the 1980s,

crossed with black boxer, and if to get that bright black cloak, which today are common today.

good I leave you for today, standar, colors, stories that circulate and circulate.

that’s all, unique content, content written by the people of the corso cane, you will not find it anywhere.

greetings juanma morato


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