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My name is Juan Morato of CANE CORSOS X-Man Barcelona, ​​today we are going to talk about the breakfast of our champions Cane Corso.

The Best Food for our Cane Corsos

Food is a fascinating topic and it gives much, much is written and much is spoken,

is a very good topic to talk and talk, in the corso cane more of the same, fascinating subject with the component that the corso cane

Being a very important breed in weight, the good or bad nutrition is noted. Food and health are closely linked

There are many diets, a lot of unnatural natural food, and of course a business around, a big business that moves a lot of money.


The feeding in the morning of my cane corso, the puppies

The feeding of the puppies is a very important subject and that arouses a lot of interest, at the beginning of all it is known, that it is super important

a great alimetacion to the breast, a plus of aliemtacion, the plus is given in quantity, since she already asks for it and a plus in quality, since the breast

is attending to their puppies, often to numerous litters.

We aliemtamos with natural diet to our cane corsos, which is a balanced diet made with our own hands, the menu consists of a crushed wings

of chicken, vegetables normally pumpkin and carrot, I usually say why sometimes we change or replace cauliflower and leek, also fruit,

the apple works very well, and fish we use a fish that is much in Spain that is small and without spine (boqueron),

Some additive more like coconut oil, and some little thing that I’m left for me.

Well when the breasts are lactating, after the first 3 days of giving birth, many times they are hard to eat, I mean capricious

many times they are given other things differently, you love maria cookies with milk and honey,

of the cookies maria with honey they drink 2 liters in nothing, they love it. Many times we also have prepared minced beef from the 2 kg purchased for

humans in the mercadona, other times entire loins chopped with meat, other times they eat all the weekly food

that prepares me with a lot of love my mother, I mean they eat the crushed food that already takes everything more, the cookies, milk ect ..

This would be about the mothers but I wanted to talk now about the desyuno of the kids.


The breakfast of cane corso puppies when they are with 4 or 5 weeks

After growing up and with the mimes of their mommies, the puppies grow, grow and grow they are born between 400gr to a 1kg of weight depends

of whether it is male or female and of the genetics of each line and animal.

After they begin to have teeth and begin to hurt the breast, the time to start feeding begins.

For that time we prepared a SUPER COMBO BREAK, which is what we call it, it is milk if it can be whole better, honey,

egg, and yogurt.





Many times we change the brands of yougurs, many times those of the mercadona other times the millefeks of the leader.

In the end you have to look for a good product and start little by little to give it to them. The first day is a little complicated and put the legs are stained a lot

they get dirty whole, with the consequent cold that they take and you have to wet them to take out all the yougurd that gets them up in the nails,

It is important that they do not get cold. We do this twice a day because normally the first four days are still with their mothers

and do not remove their milk chupaditas. With around 5 or 6 weeks it depends, from how alert this litter starts with the meat,

we start with the crushed that adults also eat, consists SUPER COMBO AMEDIDA, the amedia super combo, consists of the menu we make

with our own hands, consists of crushed chicken wing, vegetables, fruit and fish and some secretillo more.

When the puppies already eat combo, what we do is give them the SUPER COMBO BREAK first thing in the morning at 8 am,

later at 1 pm a bit of the SUPER COMBO AMEDIDA and then at night another reason more of the SUPER COMBO AMEDIDA.

The quantities are at these ages with whole vols each meal a vol, and when they are getting older up to three months

we are increasing vols and quantities. You have to look and see if the cahorros are good, a little fat or on the contrary they lack a little more.

Care in this time that it is important that before the puppies  have 3 months, at least we dewormed them almost 4 times.

The deworming is very important, the parasites for the growth of the cahorros, and instead of being pretty as they leave them more ugly.


Breakfast  our cane corso adults

The breakfast and the alimetacion of our adults is simple, we take a lot of time with her and it works very well.

in the morning SUPER COMBO BREAK.

and in the afternoon the SUPER COMBO AMEDIDA, that is the crushed,

the menu consists of a crushed wings

of chicken, vegetables normally pumpkin and carrot, I usually say why sometimes we change or replace cauliflower and leek, also fruit,

the apple works very well, and fish we use a fish that is much in Spain that is small and without spine (boqueron),

many times they get tired of having everything crushed, that’s why from 7 days 4 they are crushed the SUPER COMBO AMEDIDA, and the other 3 chicken carcasses,

chicken breast, breast and back of veal and meaty bone.

That would be a great feature the alimetacion for our Cane corsos




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