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The Cane Corso also called Italian Mastiff is a breed of guard dog and companion. Its name comes from the Latin "COHORS" which means protector.

We are breeders of Cane corso and Cane Corso puppies in Barcelona - Spain with one of the best facilities for the breeding of cane corso puppies in the world.
Cane corso puppies for sale, cane corso priceCane corso puppies for sale, cane corso price
Características Cane Corso

Characteristics of Cane corso

The Italian Mastiff CANE CORSO is a large, strong and molosser dog and one of the most elegant dogs that exist. The fur is dense, short and very bright. As breeders of Cane corso we always look for special characteristics that make these Cane corso dogs a special breed protector of the family and a great guardian.
Cuidados Cane Corso

Care of Cane corso

The CANE CORSO is a dog that doesn’t need much care.

The cares of the Cane Corso are the habitual ones for any dog, like brushing it often, walking it to make exercise, an adequate feeding and as it is a social dog it can be taken to any place.
Educación del cane corso

Education of Cane corso

The education of the Cane Corso is very important to start it at 3 weeks of age to enhance the socialization of Cane Corso. In our cattery of Cane Corsos we teach them to live with people, animals, to be in any environment, to inhibit the bite and obedience, in this way the adult Cane Corsican will always have an exemplary behavior.

Cane corso Barcelona

Our dogs comply with all regulations, for that reason you can surely buy the best Cane corso puppies in the world, because they have received all the care, education and nutrition that we have discussed in the previous points.
Salud del cane corso

Health of the cane corso

It’s very important to check our dog CANE CORSO and going to the vet regularly.
It’s also very important to follow the whole calendar of vaccination of the cane corsos.
Food is also very important.

Diet of the cane corso

The diet of the cane corso is also very important for good health. You can choose between a diet with BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Foods) or special feed, but the most important thing is to offer a quality diet to avoid unnecessary long term diseases.

An Advice...


We advise you that to buy a Cane corso puppy you look very well at who you buy it from... a bad choice can cause your Cane corso dog when it becomes adult not having the correct sociabilization, bites and has more illnesses than usual for not having taken the first months a correct care and feeding and in short, to save you a little money, you have some problems later that will make you spend much more than what a quality puppy would have cost you!

In our breeder of Cane corsos in Barcelona Spain you will be able to be sure that the Cane corso puppy that you are going to buy fulfills all the legal regulations and that since its birth it has received all the care and feeding that a Cane corso puppy needs so that when it becomes adult will be a perfect Cane corso of company, healthy, social and educated, assuring you that it is not going to have health problems nor diseases and that it’s going to integrate into your family without any problem. That's why some Cane corso puppies are worth a lot of money and others few money, that's the difference!

As the saying goes: cheap is expensive…Clearly our company of breeders of Cane corso for 11 years we invested a lot of money in our breed Cane corso puppies so that when someone buys it, they can take a Cane corso dog in perfect conditions and knowing that this Cane corso will be integrated into its family and will have very little chance of having diseases and attitude problems because there has been a job since 3 months so that all this does not happen.

Cane corso with pedigree.

Cane corso puppies for sale, cane corso priceCane corso puppies for sale, cane corso price

the best breeders cane corso

Our passion for Cane Corso was born 11 years ago, when we founded the affix of "La Mirage de Torrellas", becoming in a short time one of the best breeders of Cane Corso in the world.

Thanks to our passion for Cane Corso we have travelled all over the world in dog shows and competitions winning the top world awards. We have bred world champions and junior canine beauty vice champions Cane Corso. Today with Corso X-man Barcelona, in our breeding place of Cane Corso dogs, we create responsible and familiar Cane corso puppies. We don’t have cages, our dogs cane corso live in groups and in family, they eat all together and they enjoy the free air, sport and a healthy and happy life.

In 2015 we made world champion to X-man Cane Corso, in Milan world dog show.

In 2018 we had the honor to make another 2 world champions Cane corso baby and another two vice world champions Cane corso puppy, at the 2018 Amsterdam World Championship.

In our breeder of Cane corso, we work the Cane Corso since they are new born, until they are with their mother, we live with our dogs Cane corso, with our puppies Cane corso, this is very important, we give them bottle if necessary, staying without sleep during months. That is passion for Cane Corso breed.

We feed our cane corso dogs following a natural Barf diet, based on meat, vegetables and fish. We work the physical form and the health of our dogs cane corso in our swimming pool made specifically for them.

We are serious about the

socialization of the Cane Corso

, we use all kinds of noises, we work with children (my nephews), so that on weekends they come home, play with our Cane Corso puppies so that they can become familiar from puppies with the treatment with the children!


It’s smart and intelligent, always looking for his master, eager to learn. The Cane Corso is intrepid, tenacious, proud and balanced, protector and above all guardian!

The Cane Corso with its owners and the children of the house is docile, affectionate, faithful and protective.

It’s wonderful with children, as it’s a very familiar dog. The Cane corso is protective with the children.

It’s alert to any strange situation, being quite suspicious of strangers.

The Cane corso is very intelligent and sure of itself. If the training is adequate, it learns easily.

Cane Corso requires socialization and education from birth, socialization is very important and has to be done correctly.

Cane Corso dogs are a fantastic breed to protect the family, protective and vigilant.

The puppies of Cane Corso are intelligent, balanced, they need the normal socialization of any breed.

I leave you a phrase that for me means passion for the Cane Corso:

“A good breeder of Cane Corso is this: spend time, money and effort, so that tomorrow we can have the best Cane corso in the world, especially with the character we want our Cane Corsicans to have, inserted in the DNA of our bloodline of our Cane corsos.”

This has meant that today we may have the best Cane corsos of the world with an exceptional breed!

We have been selecting the character and phenotype of the Cane Corso for 11 years, making crosses with specimens of exceptional character and carrying out character tests before crossing them.

Our puppies are descendants of Cane corso World Champion.

Our Cane Corso breeding place is responsible and familiar, we do not have cages. Our cane corsos dogs live in groups, eat together and enjoy sport and a healthy and happy life.

Our Cane corso puppy doesn’t live in cages, and they enjoy sport and healthy living.

Our specimens of Italian Cane Corso also called Italian Mastiff are fed with meat, vegetables, fruit and fish, our own natural menu.

You can buy a Cane Corso for you, a Cane Corso gray puppy, Cane Corso black, Cane Corso blue puppy, or a wonderful Cane Corso brindle puppy.

My name is Juan Manuel Morato, and it’s an honor to show you our Cane Corsos.

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