cane corso puppies for sale

//cane corso puppies for sale

cane corso puppies for sale


we are breeders in barcelona Spain , we have cane corso pup for sale , they are ready for his fantastics home now.
we have the best cane corso puppy for sale , we work with the best of best ( X-man ) , the line of the best cane corso in the history , the legend world winner X-man aka brutus in the pedigree.






Everyone, when we look for cane corso puppy , we want a faithful, protective,guardian, affectionate with family and children, quiet, but at the same time playful and above all fullof nobility. Well, gentlemen, I just described Cane Corso.When I think of each one of my dogs, I understand the mental balancethat this breed has, because even though each of them is different and different,they all have the same characteristics explained previously.These characteristics are not achieved but with years of experience and coexistencewith this particular breed and through a predisposed and accepted genetic selection to try to that is that people tend to tag things or judge them.We are profesional breeders , we live with our dogs.we offered a professional shipping cargo company, we work with the best company in Europe.our puppies are feed with our own menu , with vegetables, fruit meet and fish. we do this menu with maximum love , we do every week with our hands , looking every piece of vegetables every piece of fish , for have the best food raw of our top puppy of cane corso.All we do is for you , maximum love in what we do maximum profesional.every we wake with smile in our face, we love what we do.
why Corsos de X-man ? why juanma morato cane corso ?






Because we work with our heart , with ilusion.
this is maximum important when you choice a new member of your family.
this maximum importan when this pup grown and stay with your children, with you with your family.
this maximum important because we work 20 years in the breed , we have tested character.
we work with the best dogs healthy test .




we send the cane corso pup to you , after a certification of the veterinary who check and give the certification official.
we have 10 years without no one problem in healthy displays eat.
Really we are in the way for put the cane corso in the maximum level.
the best breed , the cane corso.
why is your cane corso the best breed ?
the cane corso is a guardian dog FOR THE FAMILY .
This is very important , because there are other breed for guardian , guardian breed .
But no-one like cane corso , there are brazilian fila , dogo Argentino .
they are top for guardian a home …. NO one will entire in the home , but they are not stable with the children ,
with the family when came to home , for a visit, fila and dogo is not for the family.
with the cane corso you have a Person guardian your children , family, cane corso is intelligent ,
many times too much intelligent , power breed , top breed .
no words to say for me , juanma morato , the best breed.
no one.


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