Hello I welcome you to a new article of my blog, today I want to tell you about someone very special for me and for this kennel. You will probably think that I am going to talk about X-Man but this time I am not. You already know that X-Man is my personal dog but besides him I have other spectacular dogs like Iron.

Iron is one of X-Man’s sons and if you are interested in buying a Cane Corso dog in Trenton, USA of this quality I invite you to click on the following link.

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One of the greatest guarantees of quality that my kennel offers is that in the herd is X-Man the world champion. Behind this there are many years of work where we care about the health, feeding and welfare of each of our dogs, but X-Man is what has catapulted our recognition.

It is for all these reasons that I have managed to be the owner of one of the best Cane Corso dog kennels in Trenton, USA and in the whole world.

I have sold dogs in all corners of the world and throughout several of my articles I have talked a lot about X-Man but this time I want to talk about one of his offspring, you know why? because he is a great example that I can show you what you can have at home if you contact me and buy your Cane Corso here.

Iron is a spectacular dog both physically and temperamentally, if you want to know more about him I invite you to read to the end … let’s see.

Meet Iron, the extraordinary son of X-Man

Today I want to introduce you to Iron, at this moment he is 2 years old, he is the son of X-Man and Queen, one of my friend’s bitches who also bought her in my kennel and she is quite a show. His character I can tell you that he is a little naughty boy, this is also due to his age because he is still young. In general he is a very good dog and behaves very well with other people.

When you see him it looks like he is older because of his big size. His coat is incredible, it is shiny black and the truth is that he hardly sheds any hair, this is thanks to the good food that we give him in the kennel based on a natural diet that includes all the nutrients that Iron needs.

Her mother is a very good dog with others but she is not so friendly, she has a very strong guarding instinct and Iron has inherited these characteristics in her character. Even when she for some reason stops guarding, Iron takes her place, it is as if he is her relief.

Having an X-Man breeding guarantees a dog as high quality as Iron, having a bit of X-Man in the blood really means a lot in the Cane Corso world and it shows in each of her puppies.

Iron is super good, he loves to eat and in large quantities. In addition to his beautiful coat color, Iron has a spectacular head, a perfect mouth and a perfect nose that are very much in line with the breed and where the quality of the breed is evident.

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I am more than sure that now that you know the characteristics of one of X-Man’s offspring you will want to look for Cane Corso puppies for sale in Trenton, United States. Iron is an extraordinary dog, of great size, with perfect physical qualities and aligned to the breed, with a very developed guarding instinct inherited from his mother… in short, there are so many things that I have told you about him that you will surely fall even more in love with the breed.

The colors of the Cane Corso or Italian Mastiff are varied, but generally the favorites of the market are gray (color of X-Man) or black (color of Iron). Actually I find all the colors spectacular, for me the most important thing is the quality of the dog in terms of health and also that its aesthetic lineage is that of a true Cane Corso.

There are many kennels but when you see the dogs that they have there many times you can appreciate that they do not have the ideal physical characteristics of the breed, surely they have some crossbreeding with another breed that makes them lose their Cane Corso identity. This does not happen in my kennel and that is why I wanted to show you Iron so that you can make sure of it yourself.

I hope you liked today’s article, any question you have remember you can leave it in a comment, for me your opinion is very important. See you soon and see you next time.