The Cane Corso dog is gaining more strength and recognition every day, it is not yet one of the most famous breeds but I am sure that in a couple of years it will be one of the most sought after and it is no wonder, the Cane Corso or Italian Mastiff is an aesthetically beautiful dog with incredible qualities such as intelligence and balance.

More and more people are interested in buying a Cane Corso dog in York, England and are looking to find a pure breed, if you are one of them I invite you to follow the link below:

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Remember that in Corsos X-Man you will buy a puppy from one of the best breeders of Cane Corso dogs in York, England, we have many years of experience and of course our world champion X-Man. Surely you will have one of the best dogs of the breed at home.

Our kennel has several aspects that I want to highlight that have become the most important advantages we have over other Cane Corso kennels. We have earned a very important space in the market and this is mainly because we work with passion and love.

Besides, we have 5 aspects or advantages that characterize us, if you want to know what they are I invite you to read this article until the end… let’s see.

5 advantages of our kennel Cane Corso X-Man

1. Quality: I believe that today it is a very important aspect and in our kennel of dogs Cane Corso in York, England it is fundamental, each puppy that leaves our litters is a sample of it. When I look back and analyse the whole journey we have made I feel very proud of the important evolution we have had in terms of puppy quality, behind it there are many years of work.

Remember that in the breed we have a very important crisis in quality, in dogs that do not look like Cane Corso, that have many mixtures, therefore it is very difficult to find a 100% Italian Mastiff . This does not mean that there are not other people or breeders that offer quality, but the one we have is super contrasted and we can assure you that it is at a very high level.

2. The X-Man pedigree: it is clear that our world champion is a great plus of our kennel, offering puppies of the X-Man line is a great differential point for us, it is not so easy to achieve a world champion within your litter, it is a great work and a great achievement. In addition, it has become one of our guarantees of quality and prestige. It is a certification of pedigree that we are fortunate to be able to offer and accredit.

3. If you buy one of our puppies they have the right to ride: I want to stress this point because some breeders sell you a puppy but do not give you the rights to ride, that is, you cannot take out litters of your dog, this generally happens in the United States where they have more restrictions on the subject. At this point we give you all the rights over the puppy, the important thing is that you give him all the necessary care, respect him and fill him with love.

4. The guarantee: we offer a guarantee of health because we take care of our dogs from generation to generation and we provide them with a natural diet that is suitable for each of their stages. In addition, we are always willing to answer and resolve any doubts and concerns you may have.

5. JuanMa Morato: I am putting myself on this list because I have been with this breed for a long time and for many years, I have a lot of experience and thanks to this I have become a reference point with the Cane Corso. I continue to live with the dogs and all the information I have been able to obtain over time allows me to talk about Cane Corso properly, to advise my clients in the best way and to take care of the dogs in the most appropriate way.

These are the points or added values of our kennel for you to trust us. We also have a professional delivery company that takes great care with the health and wellbeing of the puppy when it travels. All these aspects add up to and highlight the qualities of our kennel.

We are very happy because day by day we are taking our puppies to every corner of the world, in Europe, America, South America… we are reaching so many cities and countries that we can only say thank you for trusting us and our work.

Finally, remember that if you have any questions or doubts remember to leave your comment here, as I will always be happy to read it. Also, if you want us to write about some special subject you can also comment here, the idea is that we have valuable information about this breed that we all are passionate about. See you soon.