We talk when a puppie  of 3 to 4 weeks we detect that it has a scary behavior.

When a Cane corso puppy with 3 weeks we detect that it is more frightened with noises.

It is frequent that in a litter, there is always one that is more scary than the others, that does not mean that it has any problem.

I could have it in the future if we do not remedy since that day we detected it.
It is very important to point out that a puppy of 6 months is not the same as a puppy of 3 weeks, I think that is understood,

A problem of scary or scary puppy of 6 months, is a problem that requires much more time and work than a problem with 3 weeks, which can be solved faster and easier.
Normally although the parents are tested with the character tests and are wonderful and positive, that does not mean that of a litter of 10 puppies can not leave or leave more than 1 puppy that are more scary, we talk about the period they are still with his mother and for example we have them in their farrowing place, in their place where the mother gives birth, later on they will go out to have experiences outside the farrowing place to the outside, in this time, the corso cane puppies are inside with a temperature of about 20 degrees.
It is good to fix everything, to see how the breast acts and how the puppies act, for example when there is a different noise, at the beginning without generating them that kind of noise.


comprar cachorro juanma morato talis 2

comprar cachorro juanma morato talis 2


When we already see that in the litter there are one or two that at the normal unexpected noise of the house they put the body to the ground and act as if they were reptiles,


comprar cachorro cane corso 6


Then it is time to act, and how to act, because generating noise every half hour, or every time you train to see the puppies, small blows with the hands to applaud, that would be one,

I give you small examples that of course can vary and .. extend:

1) small blows with hands applaud
2) Take the keys and shake them strongly
3) hit the wood of the farrowing box with your hands
4) sing one with a low voice and a little raised tone.
5) Take the phone and look for different noises such as music.


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All this we do so that the puppy with 2 months is totally socialized, with the first stages of socialization, made, and when the final owner has his puppy is a wonderful puppy to enjoy.
It is also good that the group of puppies acted, and it is important not to separate the cub from its siblings, since it is soaked in the energy of not being afraid of its brothers and its mother, that when you clap or sing, it looks at you impassively as saying what you do, but what to do that we are sleeping …
After this there is a long way to go, there are the phases of going to the city, the phases of riding our puppies in our cars and many more tests that will have to go little by little to overcome to have a puppy with an open mind.


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