The Legend Cane corso World winner X-man

//The Legend Cane corso World winner X-man
  • The Legend Cane corso World winner X-man

The Legend Cane corso World winner X-man

When X-Man came into my life. X-Man came into my life a year before I met him. When I met Juanma Morato and he explained what had happened to X-Man, he transmitted to me all the love that a master can feel for his beloved dog. X-Man was not his pet, X-Man was like a son to him and his best friend had been kidnapped, finding themselves thousands of km from home. From that moment I got involved as much as I could in the fight to get X-Man back healthy. Juanma cared nothing more than being with her beloved dog again. It was a difficult road to reach it, we had to deal with undesirable people, with very dirty hearts and very dark souls, who took advantage of the weakness Juanma felt for his dog; But it was all worth it to have the opportunity to get X-Man back and to have a happy life with his master again. It was a very hard year, with Juanma suffering the entire process of X-Man’s recovery. We couldn’t enjoy the good times because the thought that X-Man might be having a hard time was always there. Finally, it seemed that the lawyers Juanma had hired in the United States were finalizing the procedures to recover him, after having been subjected to all kinds of blackmail by the kidnappers and our only concern was to recover World winner X-Man healthy. We started the trip to Minnesota, not knowing if the lawyers had come to finalize the agreement for the kidnappers to return Brutus X-Man to his master Juanma Morato. . We couldn’t get a phone until the next day and we weren’t answering calls either. So we decided to drive hundreds of miles and report to the lawyers’ office. We were exhausted, nervous and very worried because we didn’t know if our trip would have been in vain and if we were going to be able to take X-Man back home. But the angels were with us and we were able to meet the lawyers. The lawyers accompanied us to a veterinary center where the offender met X-Man. I want to avoid talking about what the encounter with that soulless man was like and how much Juanma had to contain himself because all he wanted was to recover his beloved dog and ignored the criminal’s sick behavior. Finally, in the veterinary consultation, Juanma was able to meet X-Man.


The Legend Cane corso World winner X-man

The Legend Cane corso World winner X-man

X-Man showed no signs of affection for his father, at first it seemed as if he were indifferent to him. I firmly believe that the dog was in shock and was unable to react; it was as if he wore a breastplate that had enabled him to survive the traumatic experience of Juanma’s separation. Physically he was fine, his appearance was good and the results of all the tests that the vets did were correct. We went with X to the hotel and it only took a few hours for X to become Juanma’s soulmate again. We had to wait a couple of days until we could return to Barcelona and we enjoyed walking with X around the city. He was not separated from Juanma at all. I didn’t even let him go to the toilet; Juanma could not enter a store without X starting to cry and had to leave immediately. Walking with X-Man through the city was quite a spectacle, as soon as we sat down for a while, we were surrounded by dozens of people who approached X. The day came to return to Barcelona. One last scare awaited us. We left X in check-in and, when we were about to fly, they made us go down to the cargo area of ​​the airport because the employees saw that X-Man was very nervous and anxious. This champion was very used to flying but could not bear to separate from Juanma again. I will always remember that moment when Juanma approached his friend and, through the bars of the cage, held out his hand and told him not to worry, that we were going home. At that time X calmed down and we were able to fly home.


The Legend Cane corso World winner X-man1

The Legend Cane corso World winner X-man

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