Many of you have asked me if it is dangerous to have a Cane Corso when there is a baby in the house, the answer is no, it is not dangerous you just have to do a series of things to make the dog feel that the baby is a new member of the family, there are a series of important tips that you have to do.

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Returning to the subject, I would like to explain to you some tips and advice so that your Cane Corso can have a perfect coexistence with your babies, children and cats. The temperament of the Cane Corso or Italian Mastiff is very balanced, so I tell you beforehand that adapting it to the coexistence in the family is very simple… let’s see.

Babies and Cane Corso

For example, when the dog has arrived home before the baby it is fundamental that the Cane Corso or Italian Mastiff continues feeling important within the family, the idea is not to take the dog away but to continue including him as a member of the household so he will understand that the baby is a new person that is part of his family and will see him as such.

On the other hand, when the dog arrives after the baby, it is also important to give recognition to the Cane Corso, usually what many people who have a small child of approximately 1 or 2 years old and decide to buy a Cane Corso dog is to take the dog away from the child and not to consent to make the dog part of the family. It is also important for the Cane Corso to feel loved and included in the family.

For example, when it comes to greeting us that we shouldn’t ignore it because the dog is starting to feel jealous, it is not a matter of giving more importance than the baby but rather of subtracting the importance that a being as loving as the Cane Corso breed deserves.

It is super important to apply these tips so that the Cane Corso has a spectacular relationship with our baby and our young children. As you can see at the end it is not dangerous and you can have a safe family with babies and dogs included.

Can Cane Corsos get along with cats?

The answer is yes, if they can get along with cats, even we here in our cattery have many dogs and we have two cats, both are totally accustomed and live together perfectly.

We all live super happy, here our cats live with 40 or 42 dogs and we are all super comfortable and happy. There is always that legend that says that dogs and cats do not get along but in my case I can tell you that it is not true.

Many times, my clients have a cat and buy a puppy that arrives as a youngster and the cat gets used to the dog little by little. Therefore, they can have a good relationship, they can get used to each other perfectly. It is also true that it is necessary to give them their time and space to get to know and get used to each other. The Cane Corso itself is very calm and patient, moreover it will quickly get used to the fact that the cat is its companion and a member of the family.

We are a clear example that the coexistence between these two animals is possible, it is a subject that simply has to be worked on, to promote a good coexistence so that harmony emerges.

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