The temperament of the Cane Corso Italiano is spectacular. One of the great strangers of dog breeds, the Italian Cane Corso the great dog of Italy. It is one of the most unknown great races and they have all the positive points to make one of the majority races in the future, the truth is that today in 2020 it is a minority race, with that point of exclusivity that gives it not being known, and that spectacular Cane Corso temperament, which makes him the great guardian of family and children. A companion dog and a guard dog that can do both very well for a family dog ​​and for guarding family and property.



Temperament Cane Corso Italian Mastiff

The Cane Corso is an impressive impressive breed and the first time you see it it surprises because it is not what it seems, you think that the temperament and character that that dog that is so brutally beautiful but at the same time powerful must have must be a lion , and nothing to do with reality many times things are deceived this is life, the Cane Corso is a powerful but sweet dog strong but affectionate with its owner, suspicious of strangers, very attached to its owner, El Cane Corso loves to his family, and soon he displays his character and his temperament of guard as around 7 to 8 months, especially the females begin to guard the perimeter of the property.

It is a breed that today due to its power temperament and character many people think it is a dangerous breed, but to tell you that today to May 30, 2020 in Spain the Cane Corso is not considered a dangerous breed at the moment you do not need No card or any psychotechnical test like other breeds that are classified as dangerous breeds, but to tell you that I believe that people are dangerous, not breeds, there are breeds that are considered dangerous, such as the Dobermann or Dogo Argentino, which for me are spectacular. I have been able to have the honor of having contact with them and they are not dangerous, but the kit of the question is the education that their owner gives them. The process of socialization is also very important in this type of race. and the work of the dog vendor, the breeder.

The appearance of the Cane Corso is an impressive muscular dog with a penetrating gaze that freezes you when the one who knows the Cane Corso looks at you is like the drug is a great addiction is the bug that bites you and you can no longer stop having one, two and up to three Cane Corso. Therefore it is for me the best breed in the world for its qualities a dog that can be a sofa and company and is kissing your family and at the same time there may be a borderline situation and it is defending his family and property that Cane Corso’s spectacular guard character that comes to him from his cousin the Roman dog, the great war dog of ancient Rome.





When I think of describing a Cane Corso, how is his temperament and how is his character, obviously 1000 things come to mind are 15 years living experience with an impressive breed but he is a calm dog, he is a loving dog, he is a careful dog with children very playful, and sometimes when he has to defend what he wants is a lion is power is guard, there are so many things that encompass the Cane Corso that he could tell you 1000 good things.

The Cane Corso is a spectacular dog and that can do an impressive job in any discipline, it can be managed in any field, for example for agility, for example for guard and defense, for trail etc.

It is very important that a dog with the weight and power of the Cane Corso, I am well worked and the socialization process is done well, it is important to highlight it because we are talking about a very powerful dog is a dog that from the only month one to the month four the work has to be done well because if in the future you fear insecurity this can lead to things that are not good.









Therefore, with the Cane Corso and other breeds, not only the Cane Corso Dogo Argentino, for example, super important, the process of when the puppy is from one month to four months is a process that marks the future life of Cachorro, I do not want to start Explain now what the socialization process of a puppy is like, since right now I am talking about the temperament and character of the Cane Corso.

Although only to tell you that it is important for the Puppy to have contact with them, they differ with many different textures, different soils with many noises so that their mind breaks boundaries. spends all day barking, I have personally had two German shepherds in Barcelona in Torrellas de Llobregat and when it was 4:00 in the morning a leaf barked when it was 5:00 in the afternoon and a little wind was moving they barked, that makes you when they bark at 3:00 in the morning you do not go out to see what it is because they spend the day barking, with the Cane Corso it is different it is a dog that does not bark and if it barks it is for something, yes it barks at 2:00 in the morning you have to leave because something happens.





This for me as the owner and owner of Cane Corso, if it is important is a dog that if it barks it is for something, it does not bark for nothing and when it is early in the morning and at night and I know that my Cane Corso barks I know that I have to go out because something is going.

The Italian Cane Corso can be a lion or it can be a stuffed animal and a sofa dog that kisses you is that duality that thing so strange that black and white a dog that is capable of being comfortable in both situations.

The Italian Cane Corso a dog that can stand guard both indoors and out, there are many people who argue that the best way for the Cane Corso to defend his family is to have two in the house together with the family and the children because in a moment when someone tries to enter and disturb the family, the Cane Corso will give them enough time to run away. There are other people instead who defend that the Cane Corso makes the guard better off the property outside the house and defending the perimeter so that nobody jumps and nobody enters their house.

Well, there are two different ways of looking at it and I’m obviously not going to get into explaining which is the best, perhaps the best of the two is both. Having a pair of Cane Corso outside and having a pair of Cane Corso inside would be a wonderful way to be calm.

The character and temperament of the Cane Corso make him a wonderful human security guard for the family, because I say this I say it because the Italian Cane Corso is capable of changing and acting differently in all kinds of situations, I give examples, he is a dog It will not bite at the first change, El Cane Corso if someone enters the property, for example you are working and someone sneaks the painter without warning is not going to eat the painter but the Cane Corso always warn before biting.

If the painter or the person who enters the property inadvertently backslides and goes backwards, the Cane Corso will not bite him, if instead he continues forward, ignoring the warnings of the Cane Corso, then if he will bite, he will go to bite like a lion.






I personally like that it is a dog that is not going to bite suddenly, it is not going to dismember a person who may mistakenly enter the house, but always warns that point of the Cane Corso, I personally love it.

It is a dog that as the most important characteristic of the Cane Corso apart from the character and the temperament is the intelligence is changing the performance depends on if the situation is changing

It may be about to bite and in a situation at 200 an hour but if you see that something changes, the Cane Corso is changing.

Another important point since I personally love it is that I put the example of other breeds I feel bad to put examples of terraces but I will explain for example a Dogo Argentino crosses the street with a male of another strong breed and if he looks at it it goes to 200 and you can not stop it, you have to change places because the dog can not Lower it from revolutions, El Cane Corso instead increases from revolutions to 200 per hour but with the owner’s voice you lower it to zero revolutions that is something impressive I have not seen for 15 years so many times and that tells you about that special and impressive and intelligent character that the Italian Cane Corso has, And that today that little point has very few things is that little point that balance the one that makes it for me to be one of the most interesting and balanced races to be with the family of children.





It makes a wonderful tandem with its owner, it adapts very well to the Cane Corso to live both in an apartment and in a house, it is not a problem for the Cane Corso to live in an apartment, for example I have the experience of my family that has a Cane Corso in the Sant Cugat area in an apartment of 70 m and a female from Cane Corso is called Candy and lives spectacularly at ease and delighted in the city and in the apartment, I also have the experience of many people many friends many clients who live in houses both in the city and outside the city and the Cane Corso is spectacularly at ease and content and happy.

The Cane Corso the city in an apartment of 30 m for example, only wants his walks and his daily exercise that is important because although the apartment or apartment is small the Cane Corso is very quiet inside the apartment only looking for his closest place possible for its owner to rest and sleep.

It is a dog of the Cane Corso quite peculiar because indoors it sleeps quite surprisingly that puppies and adults sleep a long time.

The Cane Corso is a wonderful breed and that about health I have to tell you that there is no disease that is only of the Cane Corso breed but it has the diseases of large breeds such as dysplasia is a very strong dog and that it withstands all kinds of illnesses very well does not complain anything.

It is a Cane Corso dog that due to its size, its power and its strength, it is important that you learn to walk on a leash, and above all that it learns to walk without pulling the leash, so it will become a wonderful relaxed walk and it will not be something frustrating The one that is pulling a lot of the strap and does not let us work and exercise around the city.

With the Cane Corso, I recommend that you start calmly at the beginning with prizes so that you do not pull the strap and gradually do the whole process so that it is methodical, orderly and beautiful.

It is also important that you are accustomed to the city as well as cars like trucks as cyclists as people who do sports so that obviously you do not go for them and that causes an episode of fear in the other person this is very important Since at the beginning our Cane Corso in young age will like to play and it is for everything he sees, therefore it is important that in the process we teach and educate.





The character and temperament of the Cane Corso make it an especially good dog to do and work any type of discipline.

I recently contacted an association that can no longer be named here that begins a spectacular work with the Cane Corso that will begin to prepare the Cane Corso breed to work with battered women, this is an example that with the Cane Corso you can Working any kind of discipline, it is obviously easy to work with the Cane Corso, a basic obedience that can be done in a week or two.

We have seen many jobs and many Cane Corso is already today with IPO Máximo, which is an impressive job at the level of the dog breeds to do the job of defense guard. It is impressive to see videos of the Cane Corso with 50 and 60 kilos as it launches up its sleeve.

The Cane Corso from its origin that great fierce dog of Rome has its DNA the character of guard and defense, It is a dog that already the Italians in the 70s taught it to do the work of shepherding the tasks of shepherd and that they collected everything cattle, It was a dog that learned easily and already in those years the Italian peasants taught to collect sheep and cows was a dog of grip an impressively balanced dog intelligent and with that attitude of learning.

It should be noted that the Cane Corso is very good with people and people but it always has that point of distrust with strangers with an impressive size that every day goes up a little more although Wikipedia tells us that the male of Cane Corso has a size between 45 kilos, Tell you that the reality is that the Cane Corso has gained more weight and that there has not been a world champion in 10 years that has not had at least 60 kilos.

Therefore, the breed is evolving, gaining a little more bone weight, although it would be important for all that weight gain to come, without the loss of movement, such a beautiful movement that the Cane Corso has, which is like a black panther. feline movement that when the Cane Corso today is gaining weight we cannot lose it is a sign of identity that the breed cannot lose.





The qualities of the Cane Corso are many but on guard a couple of family a dog that due to its size its aesthetics is super attractive to almost all the public and that it does not have a need to obtain any type of permit today in 2020 is a dog that is not a dangerous breed is a dog that does not bite off the hook but it can be a lion if necessary.

Goodbye, many people who are attracted to him begin to be an attractive breed, a protective dog, a watchdog, a dog that adapts very well to all the living conditions that it is called upon to live, it is a dog that cannot live in a field alone. Yes, it can live, but the Cane Corso’s attachment to its owner and being with people make it die of grief. It is a dog that needs a lot of contact with people and a lot of contact with its owners. It is a dog that serves as a wonderful alarm. a family dog ​​that needs affection and attention and a lot of gratitude and a lot of love, It is a dog that is very strong but at the same time it is super sweet and super affectionate. THE TEMPERAMENT OF THE CANE CORSO ITALIAN






The Italian Cane Corso needs care it needs love it needs to spend time with its owner it is important that you know that if you can give time to a wonderful breed and if you are going to be long enough to be with it it is not a question of money it is a question of care loving time are you the right person to have a Cane Corso?

If you have time you have love, how old are you, have you found what for me is the best race in the world? Pay attention to it, dedicate it to Love and the Cane Corso will be delighted to give you all the love and affection that this breed has is a faithful dog is a dog that in the moments that you are having a bad time will be with you on your chest in bed taking everything off stress and all the bad vibes.

A Cane Corso dog of a kind and sensitive loving character is a dog that with children is incredible how it reacts, it is for me after 15 years the best breed to be with family and children, it endures very well the games of the Smaller sometimes very heavy games I have seen many times as my nephews pulled Cane Corso by the tail and it got very heavy they are small children and they are small pranks the Cane Corso never a bad gesture never a bad face, he gets up and changed off site when he’s tired of games.

Therefore the character in temperament so mentally balanced of Cane Corso make it for me I repeat again one of the most desirable breeds at the moment in 2020 because it has all the positive points and for my Juan Manuel Morato no negative point to what you are waiting to have a wonderful Cane Corso puppy from our bloodline the world champion X-Man line.