My name is Juanma Morato, today I want to tell you about the best breed in the world.

The Cane Corso Italiano is brave, intrepid, tenacious, proud and balanced. He has a vigorous temperament, ready to meet any challenge.

With its owners and the children of the house it is docile, affectionate, faithful and protective.

He is alert to any strange situation, being quite suspicious of strangers.

He is very intelligent and sure of himself. If training is appropriate, learn easily.

The Cane Corso requires socialization and education from an early age.

There are no words to describe what it means a Cane Corso in your life, balanced, faithful, familiar, intelligent to rage, always wanting to please, work, to learn.

Powerful, but balanced, intelligence at the service of a leader.

The Cane Corso is a fantastic race to protect the family, he is protector and vigilant.

They need the normal socialization of any breed big dogs and because of their size they can become dominant with their owners.

So today I want to talk about the importance of the process of socialization of the Cane Corso since they are very small.

Our goal is to ensure that our Cane Corsos are accustomed to any situation, and we do this by taking them to places unknown to them in order to achieve balanced relationships between what they know and what they don’t know, and promote a well temperament, defined and stable.

Our Cane Corsos live situations related to different people, we like that the puppies relate to adults, with old people and children.

Because we believe that each of these people will bring something new and new situations where the Cane Corsos will have to adapt and know all those that, until now, was unknown for them.

We are attentive to any situation that can give an apprenticeship to the puppies of Cane Corso.

Situations like a busy street, where interactions with people, cars, animals or various noises, will curtail the behavior of our Cane Corso.

When we discuss textures we refer, for example, to the discrimination of different types of soil, like we can find ourselves, carpet, wood, earth, etc. And there we also intervene in the process of environmental adaptation of our Cane Corso.

You see that all this is a very important process.
That in the long run our Cane Corsos will be balanced and able to face any situation in the best adaptive way possible.

Canecorso breed Barcelona