Today we have David Osorio who for me is the best Hamlet in the world so taking advantage that we have him here we are going to ask him about some anecdotes and weirder things that have happened to him in the world dog shows.

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Today I want to tell you, from the hand of an expert, some experiences that are lived in the world dog shows … let’s see.

Some experiences with the Cane Corso and the world dog shows.

David tells us that he has funny anecdotes, for example many times he has been bitten by a dog, on his hands, on his legs… he has been bitten as he says jokingly.

An experience he remembers is in the world championship in Poland in 2000, Poland was entering and not entering the European community, it still had borders, David’s team traveled from here and they were passing free borders, very normal as always, six people in a motorhome and it was at night David was not driving and he stayed behind the driver half asleep doing the relay, when we were going to pass the borders Poland – Germany no one was seen and suddenly we were surrounded by 30 military spiked us the first thing they did machine gun the head, they place you against the car and begin to interrogate you. The truth was the scare was a lot but already explaining the situation and the type of trip they were doing they let them pass and even became friends with the sergeant. They even love dogs, when you go with powerful dogs like the Cane Corsos and the like the Cane Corsos and you cross borders in Serbia, Croatia you realize that they love animals, they love the Cane Corsos.

Another experience that David told us was in a show in France, he was inside the ring competing with a bull mastiff and there was a new lady to whom the judge tells her to please walk the idea back and forth, the lady gives the dog to the judge and goes to her alone walking, the judge tells her no not like that, go with the dog next to her. Then the judge says to the lady, please show me your teeth and he shows her teeth and not the dog’s teeth. The truth is that David remembers this anecdote with great amusement.

David always explains that it is a beauty pageant just like Miss Spain. In France is the exception, many go in tracksuits and some in suits, especially older people since they started in the 70’s with the exhibitions.

A lot of attention is also paid to the presentation of the dogs, just as a Miss Spain goes out dressed up to a beauty contest, so do the dogs, for example those breeds that have long hair show their hair ironed, we always have to try to take the dogs in the best conditions. For example it is said that the Maltese dog must have a certain fall, it must be groomed, in the past it was not like that but we have been improving the structure of that hair.

Another of the dogs that are groomed a lot are the poodles, this is a hunting dog in water and the balls that you see in the legs began to form when they were hunting ducks in the water in order to unload the maximum of hair so that it would not weigh so much in the water and to protect the vital areas such as the rib cage, hips and joints.

David also tells us that he has been the first in history to present a Spanish Boxer in the World Championship Europe Kraft, 26,000 dogs from all countries are gathered, so David was the first Spanish countries, so David was the first Spaniard in history to present a Spanish boxer here the idea is to prepare the dog for all the options, David prepared him for free handling which is to put you in front of him and let the dog show himself alone, he prepared him for internationals for group finals and to present alone how he is presented in England.

The conclusion is that you always have to prepare your dog for all options because one day you have one judge, another day you have another judge and you can’t say that you are not prepared with your dog.


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