Today we are going to talk about how we should be the leader of our pack and obviously this talking about the best pack in the world and that is when it is composed of the Cane Corso breed. I love to be around again sharing with you valuable and first hand information about the Cane Corso or Italian Mastiff. I want to explain you a little bit along this text what is the role you should have as a leader to achieve a balanced Cane Corso dog.

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I am JuanMa Morato and I am proud to say that I am the owner of Corsos X-Man one of the most renowned national and international Cane Corso dog kennels in Chicago, USA. I have been working with the breed for many years, what started as a passion has become my job and I consider that this is reflected, so much so that today I have one of the most recognized kennels of the Cane Corso breed.

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Now, getting into today’s topic, I want to explain how you can be the leader of your Cane Corsos pack without dying trying. The truth is that I have already mentioned it many times, this breed is very intelligent and you will surely achieve an excellent coexistence at home… let’s see.

How to be the leader of our pack of Cane Corsos

The word leader seems a little as if we were talking about subjugation to our dog even as it seems to refer to the fact that we want to adapt it to the human part, but really what happens is that animals have a pyramidal structure in which they need a leader, a leader that gives them tranquility, a leader that gives them security.

Therefore, a leader does not have to submit the dog in an aggressive way, neither hitting him, nor with punishments, but he must set clear limits and above all it is very important that the limits, besides being clear, are firm, just as you would do with your child.

Remember that we do not mean to exercise aggressive treatment with the Cane Corso but it is necessary that you have firmness, some ways to punish him can be not playing with him or stop doing some kind of activity that he likes because he has misbehaved.

Physical punishments should never be implemented, firmness and tranquility are the keys to achieve a balanced dog, that is to say, an animal that is not afraid, that when socializing with more dogs or more people can easily get along, that does not have any kind of problem.

In a house composed by father, mother and children the Cane Corso has to understand that he is the last of the litter or of the family, otherwise he will not feel respect for any of the members that compose the home, he has to know that inside this pyramidal hierarchy he is the last one, that he must pay attention to everything and to everybody, in this way he will understand that this is the pack that he must always defend.

There are three possible scenarios that can occur, one that only pays attention to one member of the family and that would not be appropriate, another point would be the issue of the alpha in this case there are dogs that believe that the way to manifest power is through aggression so it is necessary that the dog sees that we transmit tranquility.

The tranquility is transmitted in a walk and in any circumstance that you live with the dog, in this way you will not only have a calmer dog but also a happier dog, without anxiety, it is even much easier to train and work a dog in this way.

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