The Cane Corso is a very impressive breed because of its aesthetic form, it is big, it is muscular, strong, has a big head and in any colour it looks really amazing. Apart from all these qualities the Cane Corso has a very relevant aspect which combined with his aesthetics make him a wonderful dog and I am referring to his balanced temperament.

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Well now yes, let’s go into details, the Cane Corso is a super intelligent, sagacious and audacious dog that since the beginning of its history has been characterized by its guard work, but not just any kind of guard, the Cane Corso carries in its DNA the spirit of protection of its family or territory but without being aggressive, this provided it has a good education.

If you want to know more about this subject I invite you to join me until the end of the article… let’s see.

Why is the Cane Corso or Italian Mastiff the most balanced breed in the world?

Because balance is one of the most outstanding mental characteristics of the Cane Corso, this breed mixes power and intelligence and does everything with a lot of control. It is a breed that due to its large size would be impossible to control with a leash, for example, but having such a balanced temperament you will be able to do it using only your voice.

It is a dog that in limit situations is capable of choosing the best option, it does not jump immediately to attack someone, it will have a balance, first it warns or alerts, its last option will always be to attack the other, this it does when there is no other remedy.

The Cane Corso is my favourite of the guard breeds, it is a dog that in the 70’s was in charge of guarding the macias but today it is a security guard for the family.

In order to maintain this balance in the breed, the Italian Mastiff needs a genetic work, both he from the puppy and his parents must be well tested, and when all this is well done the balance of the Cane Corso is incredible.

All this added to his intelligence makes him a very special dog, which performs a very intelligent guard duty.

Remember that he is not just a companion dog, he is a breed that always wants to work, to be active, you can do many things with him such as go running, do sports, train him for exhibitions, among others.

Another important aspect of the breed, which I have already mentioned, is intelligence, even for me it is extreme, the Cane Corso for example is a dog that has the capacity and intuition to choose its owner in the family, it is not you who chooses it.

It is a dog that is very attached to the family, it has very good socialisation with children, obviously the dog must have had a good educational and socialisation job. However, there can always be an exception but the average of the breed in this sense is spectacular.

It is a dog that needs dedication, to do sport, to be aware of its care, therefore remember that it is also a responsibility and that the manifestation of love towards it also includes taking good care of it.

The truth is that to this day he is still an unknown breed to many but I am sure that in the year 2030 he will have great recognition in Telford and the world, he will be one of the leading breeds as well as others in his area such as the German Shepherd.

The Cane Corso is of a very calm character, he is a very loyal, sweet and affectionate dog, behind that figure of power and strength you will find a dog that will be a great company for you and your family, for something I consider him as my favorite breed in the whole world.

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