Juan manuel Morato, known by El rey del Cane Corso

The name of the Rei del Cane Corso, came when some Musical artists noticed their dogs.

Juan manuel Morato mayor, Known as the king of the Cane Corso, The name of the Rei del Cane Corso, came when some Musical artists taxed

And they wanted to incorporate Cane Corso in some music video clips, and they gave me the nickname of El rey de los Cane Corso, or king of the canecorsos, It is very common in music to have nicknames, and not put your real name Juan Juan Morato Alcalde .

Also participating as producer and manager, a song such as arriving at the LILBROW 97 party, and songs like nothing from EPIXXL and Rochu the wolf.

With over 15 years with the Cane Corso, Juan Manuel Morato is the best cane corso breeder in the world.




Also known for its world champion X-Man legend in the breed and a well-known specimen on the network with more than millions of searches on Google.

Little by little, differentiating, reaching a higher Cane Corso quality level.

Very important champions, such as BRUTUS X-Man, Champion Talisman, Junior Vice-champion of the uncynical world, Many important and quality specimens.

His time in music began almost by chance, when Juan de LILBROW97, took a day to his house, to do extra work and earn money in music, and proposed a collaboration with his Cane Corso, it was at this time that he met LILBROW started consuming their music, and after the video clip arriving at the Party, they decided to start the journey together as manager and music producer, with 50% of image and musical rights.

It was shortly after, when LILBROW introduced him to Juan Morato, to EPI XXL, who produced the musical themes, which began to sound much better than LILBROW, and as an artist and music producer,

EPI XXL, and ROCHU LA LOBA, Rocio, They connected very well and also started a relationship together in music,


Everything was flowing, and the king of Cane Corso had three artists individually, EPI XXL, and ROCHU LA LOBA, LILBROW97, With full musical rights, and image rights, around this time the video clip, NADA, was also made. , and elevated everyone to a higher level.

From this time it is also the video clip of arriving at the Party and vodka, De LILBROW and Rei del Cane Corso.

I hope you liked it and see you next time.