Today I want to talk about one of my greatest prides, X-Man, my personal dog who has also been a world champion and who has given me much joy and who has brought much love into my life.

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How did X-Man come into my life

X-Man came to my house but he was not born here, he was born in Malaga, Andalusia in one of the most magical cities in Spain, he was born in a litter of a breeding girl who did not have much knowledge about Cane Corso, one of the parents of X-Man came from France and the other one was bought by the girl and a super litter came out between them this champion.

The girl and I kept in touch and well one day I brought X-Man to my house and from that moment it was a crush, I fell in love with him at first sight, he was a puppy with an incredible quality.

X-Man immediately started to sleep with me at my house, little by little he became my personal dog, we had a special connection and I allowed him to do this kind of things that usually with other dogs he didn’t.

The most extraordinary thing about X-Man is that his quality has been maintained since he was a puppy until his adult age, this does not always happen, sometimes the puppies as they grow up lose their features a little, their eyes fall out, their back protrudes a little, etc.

Really the arrival of X-Man in my life was very simple, everything happened easily like most of the extraordinary things that happen in life. After some time and with the help of Jairo Cuartas, X-Man began to go to shows, at the beginning we did not have many results but a very special moment arrived in Granada where X-Man began to obtain super important recognitions as best junior dog, best group dog. This was about 5 years ago when the breed was still very unknown to many.

After this I began to receive many messages from judges who began to look at the Cane Corso breed, many very surprised because there were few dogs and little quality.

We started to make international trips of 2000 and some kilometres because we saw a lot of potential in the dog but then we started to see that it was very expensive and that we had to invest a lot of time in it, so we decided to stop doing this for a few months and X-Man stayed with some relatives of Jairo Cuartas in Hungary for a while, it was a couple, the boy’s name is Norbey and the girl’s name is Beatriz because from here it was closer to travel to the countries and cities where the biggest shows were held.

At the beginning it was difficult but one day Beatriz took him to the world championship in Milan where X-Man was the winner. It was an incredible satisfaction and more because the grey colour in Cane Corso was not one of the favourite ones at that time, the black colour was the most valued, but X-Man broke all those schemes.

From this moment on the demands of the X-Man mounts started to grow, many people communicated or visited our kennel for this. We began to notice that many people only wanted to get money, even a couple of people tried to steal my dog in the United States, I had to pay lawyers to get my dog back… in short… a complicated story but that in the end had a solution.

In that moment I understood more than ever the importance that X-Man had in my life and not only in a professional level but also in a personal one, X-Man is part of my family, he is a member of my home. At that moment I was sure that I was going to invest all the necessary resources to recover my dog, the value he has for me is very high, the love I have for him is too much.

After this story we changed the dynamic and began to take out the litters of puppies from the X-Man line ourselves and decided to start selling the puppies ourselves. To this day we have managed to have a spectacular place for the Cane Corsicans, where I live happily, for me it is an honour that this is my lifestyle, it is my absolute passion.

I hope you liked today’s article… we will read it soon.