Welcome to a new article, today we will talk about the 4 things I love most about Cane Corso, the best breed in the world. I want to tell you the reasons why I am fascinated with the Italian Mastiff since so many years.

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I wanted to create this article because I know that many people want to know what I am most passionate about the Italian Mastiff, and of course, the fact of having one of the best breeders of Cane Corso dogs in Oldham England makes us a reference in the breed and our opinion is important.

In addition, we have in our pack the world champion X-man and this has become another plus that catapults us as leaders within the breed.

After this brief introduction let’s start with today’s topic… let’s see.

What are the qualities that made me fall in love with Cane Corso?

1.The first thing I love about the Italian Mastiff is that it is a useful breed, that is, even though sometimes it likes to be with you on the sofa it is not exactly a dog that likes to be inactive, on the contrary it is a breed that comes integrated with the chio of guarding, protecting.

For example, it is very used to protect a property or to protect the family, it is an impressive breed for the children because it is very careful with them and too patient to support the mischievousness that these make him.

There are many breeds that are good for guarding but for me Cane Corso will always be the best among them as a guardian for the family, he is a security guard that has a mental balance and a very high intelligence.

Cane Corso has always had this function of guardian, if we go back to the 70’s it was a breed used to protect the most precious thing of the Italians which was the machinery which was very valuable in the farmhouse and in the country.

2. Another thing I love about Cane Corso is that it is a young breed and it is a breed that is about to work, what I mean by this last one is that it is a breed that still needs to be more physically defined and I say this because there are still breeders that do not offer quality, their puppies have very different physical characteristics.

For people with a well trained eye it is easier to observe the quality of the breed, we immediately identify every detail of the Cane Corso. Sometimes I see in social networks all kinds of pictures of people who have bought Cane Corsos or who sell it and for me it is very easy to recognize a real specimen of the breed and not a mixture.

I still feel that we are at point 0 with respect to the progress of the quality of the breed, I mean in general terms, the goal would be to reach point 10 based on work, doing things right, implementing processes like the ones we do in our kennel, choosing the right blood lines that will give you type and quality both physically and in terms of health.

The issue of health is also fundamental, for example 20 years ago the Cane Corsos had a serious problem of dysplasia and it is necessary to take this into account when choosing the blood lines.

3. The third point that I love about the Corsican cane is that it is the great unknown of the races. We started a series of programs or videos where we asked people if they knew the Corsican cane and this is where I realized that the Corsican cane is known by 0-0 of the population.

It is true that many people who are black belts of dogs do know it but the average of the population who likes dogs does not know it normally and those who do not like dogs much less than they do.
It is not a breed like the German shepherd or the rottweiler that are known by almost all people, regardless of whether they are dog lovers or not.

Therefore, not being a known breed gives it a little bit of exclusivity, I have something you don’t have and I love that. I also like that being a breed that is not fixed, it has a great job to do that I love. But I hope that very soon everybody will get to know this spectacular breed. For me, making the community grow and the fame of Cane Corso is something that motivates me a lot.

4. It is a breed that I like very much because it has a low average level of activity, that is to say, it is not a breed that is stressful, that is super nervous not even the puppies have such a high level, they like to play but they also sleep a lot because they grow a lot and need sleep to grow.

It is a spectacular breed because when they are at home resting they don’t play or jump on the couch, they understand that their energy level is spent when they take it out for a walk outside.

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If after this information you are more than convinced to look for a Cane Corso puppy for sale in Oldham, England do not hesitate to contact me. If you want a balanced dog, that knows how to be at home, that is active at the right time, that protects your home and that has an excellent coexistence, your breed is the Cane Corso, for me the best breed in the world… we will read soon.