We have been living an unexpected situation worldwide for about a year now, many myths have arisen in the middle of this situation, even many dogs and pets were abandoned all over the world because of the false belief that they were transmitters of the virus. Many owners of Cane Corso were afraid of this scenario, but rest assured that we are here to disprove this with arguments.

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Now yes, let’s go into depth with today’s topic, if you still think that dogs are transmitters of COVID 19 here I share with you arguments from important institutions and health organizations worldwide. Let’s see…

Cane Corso does not transmit any virus

In these times of uncertainty and pandemic it is very important to address the issue of COVID 19 in dogs and especially because so much false information has emerged and this has caused many people to have doubts about this.

One of the most famous myths began at the beginning of the crisis when one of the world’s Coronavirus outbreaks was in Italy, specifically in the city of Milan. At that time, rumours began to circulate and bad information was given that pets were transmitters of COVID 19.

Thanks to all these years of passion for the Cane Corso or Italian Mastiff I have managed to have many Italian friends and through them and the news I have learned about the national psychosis on this subject. Then the Italian government appeared in the news to deny the information, thank goodness the situation calmed down because it had an impressive impact.

There are studies that certify that COVID 19 does not affect pets or that Pets cannot transmit it. The following is a quote from the German Friederich – Loffer Institute, which is responsible for research into animal health: “The Important organisations such as the WHO have also issued statements to reassure and inform people.

In the case of Spain, specifically in the cities of Madrid and Barcelona, people began to put masks on Cane Corso and dogs of all breeds and even requested tests to check that they did not have this virus.

It took the pronouncement of the Spanish Royal Canine Society who said that dogs should not be masked and this was creating psychosis and also stressing the dogs. Furthermore, they assured that pets were not transmitting or infecting humans with COVID 19.

One of the main causes that triggered all these actions or myths in pets was fear, in a way it is understandable because many people were dying, at the beginning not much was known about the virus and all these events were new and unexpected.

Life has changed us because of all this situation, although we are still living uncertain situations, what we are clear about is that buying a Cane Corso in Alberta Canada will always be a great success, a good company and also it is not a transmitter of the COVID 19.

Similarly, it is essential that when you go with your Cane Corso to a pipican or a park where many dogs go, that you always wear your mask and wash your hands with soap when you get home, although it is already clear that the dog is not a carrier, the other people or owners are, so always bear in mind the necessary measures for these cases.

Keep this in mind, dogs are not carriers and will not infect you with any kind of virus, the only virus they will infect you with is love and affection. When you are anxious, they will give you peace, when you feel lonely they will give you company, when you feel stressed they will give you peace of mind, just give them a hug and you will see how your negative feelings are regulated.

I hope that this article has been useful for you, that you have been able to clarify many doubts about the coronavirus and dogs, especially about my favorite breed: the Cane Corso. Remember that I love to read you so if you have any doubts, questions or comments you can write them down here, we will read them soon!