Welcome to a new article, today I will talk about the guarantees that one of the best breeders of Cane Corso dogs should offer in Poole, England.

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We have great recognition worldwide and this is due to our world champion X-Man and all the years of experience we have with Cane Corso or Italian Mastiff dogs.

In addition, we offer many guarantees in terms of quality, health, behaviour, etc and this is an unbeatable value, but I consider that the most important thing about our kennel is that we are passionate about the breed, we love animals and especially the Cane Corso.

The affection and love we have for the breed makes us have great respect and commitment and these values are always present in us. It is also necessary that the kennels offer some guarantees to their customers and to the dogs, if you want to know what they are I invite you to read this article until the end… let’s see.

What guarantees must Cane Corso kennels offer throughout the world?

The number one point would be to give guarantees on the health of the puppy such as some diseases that Cane Corso can suffer from such as elbow displacement or hip dysplasia or heart problems.

Obviously the guarantees change from one year to two years depending on the country but equally one must always have certain responsibilities as there are people or breeders who lack sensitivity and commitment to the subject.

It is also fundamental that the parents are healthy because this can be hereditary, both the parents and the puppies have to be well.

The third point is to ensure that the parents of the Cane Corso puppy have a balanced temperament or behave well in terms of socialisation because character is a very important part that is genetic, a lot of the parents’ character is transferred to the puppies and it is essential to know what the father or mother is like.

If the mother is not well socialised and does not behave well with the visitors that come to your home it is an aspect that her children will probably inherit.

There are some people, without saying names, who have one by one or two by two cages, I wonder what kind of socialisation and affection you are providing for your puppies, better go and make banknotes.

Remember that this is done because you like it, because you love what you do and this is one of the greatest guarantees to ensure that things go well. Therefore, another of the points that must be guaranteed is that the puppies are in a place with adequate conditions, that they have a good diet.

So if a kennel is skimping on food, we are already doing badly, because the Cane Corso needs nutrients for its muscles and bones. The Cane Corso needs a special diet, for example, it is not the same to feed an athlete as a person who does not exercise, the same goes for the Cane Corso which is a dog with a lot of activity and a lot of size.

In my case I use a natural diet because I believe that a steak is better than one of those little balls that swell up and have no expiry date.

It is also super important to have a well-behaved dog in all its stages, with all the noise process it needs to have, for example. Furthermore, it is very important not to separate them before their mother’s time because she corrects and educates them in many aspects, for example, the puppies generally have a stage in which they bite too much and it is the mother who is in charge of correcting them.

A puppy park would be super important because they have different toys, different textures, different materials to step on, different noises, their mind grows a lot.

It is also very important that the owner continues the process of education because otherwise all the work done by the kennel can be lost. It is fundamental that at home limits are set.

I hope you liked today’s article and that you can contemplate these points when choosing a Cane Corso kennel. I am sure that if you have read all this information it is because you are a great lover of the Italian Mastiff as I am and that you will make sure before buying one.

I would love to know your opinion, if you have any question or any comment or guarantee to add please write it here, we can make a feedback of your knowledge and mine. Also, if you have any ideas or want me to write about a particular topic you can also write about it, I will take that into account. Well that’s it for today, we’ll read you soon.

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