We are breeders of the best cane corso puppies. In our center you can buy cane corso puppies in Halesowen UK.

We are professional breeders of Cane Corso dogs, today we have one of the best kennels of corso meat dogs in the world.

There are four very important things to consider when buying a cane corso puppy. The most important would be that you pay a lot of attention to the health of the cane corso and also very important is the temperament and character of your puppy at this moment the health is a very important part when deciding to have our cane corso puppy.
In Cane Corso X-MAN we have been working with the line of the world champion for me the living legend of the cane corso and x-men our world champion ex men gives us a quality puppies and an impressive health.

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cane corso puppy for sale in Bozeman and breeders of Italian mastiff puppies in Halesowen

Cane corso puppies for sale in Halesowen

My name is Juan Manuel Morato, I am a dog breeder in Corsos de X-Man de Cane Corso Barcelona and today I want to explain you my cane corso paradise.
We have one of the best cane corso puppy kennels in the world. There are four very important things you have to keep in mind when buying a cane corso puppy.

For me, the most important would be to pay attention to health. Another very important thing is the temperament and character of your cane corso, of your puppy at the moment. Health is a very important part of the decision to have our cane corso puppy.

We have been working with the world champion line, for me, the living legend of the cane corso, X-Man. Our world champion X-Man gives us quality puppies and impressive health. Another very important aspect when choosing a cane corso puppy is temperament and character. And, in a puppy, it is very important because, between 1 and 4 months, it marks what will be the cane corso in adulthood. That is why our puppy park is so important.

Our puppy kennel, obviously, makes that, at this very important age stage, we can fix and solve and minimize any kind of character problems.

There are some puppies that come out a little weaker, with more fear, we train them and work to improve these aspects so that this puppy will have a future temperament and a spectacular character. Time, whether you have been with us for 15, 20, or 50 years, does not assure quality. The quality we have is impressive.


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There are many people who are doing the same as us, breeding cane corso puppies for sale. For this reason it is good that you go and compare because we are the best, we are super sure of the quality and the cane corso or Italian Mastiff that we have.

Another very important point is the conditions, and here would include many things.
In the conditions would be the affection. With what affection you treat a puppy that later will be with your family and your children.

It is also very important the feeding, what feeding they are giving to your puppy of cane corso that, later, from the first month to the first year, multiplies by 50 the weight.
For this reason, it is very important the feeding and that it does not lack anything in the articular and muscular issue. We have, today, one of the best breeding facilities for cane corso puppies in the world, a paradise for this breed of dog also called Italian Mastiff. This cane corso paradise is ruled by one of the world champions, X-Man, who is the head of the Roman cane corso empire.

We also have a leisure area for our puppies where they are incredibly well, where they can chew toys, where we have a special space for the puppies to hook and pull the toys, we have swings, we have water area…. And it’s another important area in our cane corso’s paradise. How would a mother take care of her child? She would spoil him, she would take care of him, she would give him the best, she would treat him to all the wonderful things. That’s how a mother takes care of her children, her puppies.
That’s how we take care of our cane corso puppies, like a mom, like a dad. And, if you still have any doubts, I invite you to come and visit our paradise and kennel of cane corso dogs.

Kennel of Cane Corso dogs

If you are already decided to look for Cane Corso puppies for sale in Halessowen UK. I invite you to contact me or visit our website Corsos X-Man here we will solve all your doubts and give you the best advice so you can take home one of the best dogs in the world.

I hope you liked this article, remember that I read you in comments. See you next time.