Welcome to a new blog entry, today we will talk about me, I chose this topic because I think it is necessary for people to know more about me as I am the one who is always accompanying them in videos and articles talking about my experience with Cane Corso.

Knowing my experience and background can be fundamental for some people to make the decision to buy a Cane Corso dog in Saint Helens, England. If you have already decided, just click on the following link.

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Surely you want to have some necessary guarantees regarding the quality and health of your dog and that is why you are looking for information about its breeder. I can proudly tell you that I have one of the best Cane Corso dog breeders in Saint Helens, England and in the whole world.

This recognition is due to so many years of experience and our world champion X-man who gives us some exemplary puppies.

If you want to know me in depth I invite you to read until the end… let’s see.

Who is JuanMorato and why is he important within the Cane Corso breed?

My name is Juan Manuel Morato and I’m from Corsos X-men, I’ve been with the breed for many years, in our kennel we started little by little, without hurry but without pause. Constancy and effort were rewarded and today we have a place that is a dream for us.

We have 20,000 meters with all the comforts and all the resources and spaces prepared for the Cane Corso to be in excellent condition.

One of the most important and beautiful things that has happened to me is the arrival of X-Man, he came into my life with 51 days of birth. From the very first moment I was impressed by his bearing and elegance, I had never seen such an impressive Cane Corso puppy, with his energy and character he gave light to everything that was approaching was something incredible.

With the time X-Man was winning little by little exhibitions and with the time we did it world champion, from that moment the things changed a lot because a quantity of people were approaching and they wanted many things of X-Man especially the mounts.

Today I can tell you that we have the best line of Corsican dogs in Saint Helens and in the world. X-Man has not only become world champion, but his offspring have also been world champions as junior babies, these winners are in almost every part of the world in the United States, South America and all over Europe, it is no news that a direct son of X-Man is a champion.

Also, not all X-Man’s offspring go to shows, there are owners who buy them to keep at home or for sport. In any case quality is always present, we are not talking about standard quality but superior quality.

To the people who contact me and look for price I always say, if you are looking for a standard dog at a cheap price our kennel is not the right place because we do not have puppies of excellence, we fight every day to maintain and improve the quality of our dogs.

The puppies in our kennel receive a proper and very well thought out feeding, 10 years ago we made a very important change and started to implement the natural diet that gives us an impressive quality in terms of muscle area and health which generation after generation, litter after litter has been perfected.

Sincerely, our puppies have not needed many visits to the vet and this is due first of all to the quality that gives us the semen, then the excellent health and the third thing is that we are always attentive to anything that comes up but we are always attentive to solve it.

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If you were looking for information about Cane Corso puppies for sale in Saint Helens, England I hope this article helped you. Finally I can tell you that our customers are satisfied, our customers are looking for excellence, to say that you have a dog from JuanMa Morato or X-Man line is something that is already registered in the history of Italian Mastiff and not only because I offer quality but also because I am full of love for the breed.

If you want us to address another issue or if you have any questions or comments remember that you can leave a comment, I am always happy to read you and answer your questions. Remember that Cane Corso is the best breed in the world. Thanks for joining me in this new article and we will read it very soon.