X-Man is the great protagonist of our kennel and in general of the Cane Corso breed in Slough, England and anywhere in the world. If you are a follower of the breed for sure you know what I am talking about and I know that you are interested in knowing more about the great X-Man.

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Thanks to X-Man, our world champion, and to all the work done during so many years we have managed to obtain the recognition of being one of the best breeders of Cane Corso dogs in Slough, England and in the world. These are the greatest guarantees that we offer to all our customers, if you buy a puppy in our kennel you will have at home one of the best specimens of the breed… that I assure you.

Well, I don’t extend more, next I want to tell you more about X-Man, that you know how he is at home, how he behaves when there are other people and how is his behaviour with me that am his master and companion.

Also, I will tell you a little of the influence and importance that X-Man has had in the race, I really see how we are making history with him in the world of the Corsican Cane, it is a pride for me to say it and to know it… let’s see.

How is the temperament of X-Man

If you’re here it’s because you’re probably already a black belt in the Cane Corso breed, and many people continually ask me what X-Man looks like. X, as I call him, has a very calm character with people, he likes to feel or be the centre of attention, he likes to be caressed, to be touched, to be pampered.

When there are many dogs and he sees that he is not the one who receives more love and caresses, he tries to stand out to be the number one, the most caressed, the most spoiled, he is incredible X-Man, I want to be the only one to receive love.

He’s a leader dog, he’s too intelligent, he’s very dependent on me, he’s always by my side, he’s my great companion, for example, I go shopping very early in the morning and when he realises that I’ve gone without him what he does is get angry and shows it by peeing in the house when he never does, he’s simply getting my attention.

The truth is he doesn’t like puppies very much, he doesn’t like them, I try to get him to socialise with them, I try in various ways but he totally ignores them. Besides, he is a dog that wherever I go out with him is always by my side, sometimes I see many people taking a walk with their dogs but always worried that the dog does not go too far, because he does not listen to them and runs away, etc… this does not happen with X-Man and in general it does not happen with the Cane Corso breed since it has a good job of education.

The importance of X-Man in the world of Cane Corso

Google records over 4 million searches on X-Man, it’s amazing what we’ve achieved with this champion. In addition, people from all over the world know him, for example, we have a Mexican follower on our YouTube channel who contacted me one day and told me that she had a dog that was a descendant of X-Man and that thanks to this she has managed to be successful in her country, it has become one of her sales guarantees.

X-Man is already a legend, when you talk about Cane Corso the first thing that comes to your mind is X-Man, right? Well, this happens to most people. The fact of having a dog that is of the X-Man line is an added value, it is a guarantee of quality.

That is why if you want to have a quality Cane Corso dog you must be clear that this has a value, it is not the same to buy a dog in our kennel where the puppies are aesthetically 100% Cane Corsos, with which we have worked for generation after generation that buying a Cane Corso is a place without any kind of guarantee.

I am especially grateful to X-Man, not only for all that we have achieved together but for being my partner. I am the number 1 fan of the Cane Corso breed.

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