I want to welcome you to a new blog post, if this is your first time visiting me, you will find a lot of valuable information about the Cane Corso on my blog. If you have visited and read me before you will already know that I will provide you with content that will help you become an expert on the breed. Today I want to talk about the importance of the Cane Corso’s or Italian Mastiff’s eye expression and how it influences the quality of the dog.

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My name is JuanMa Morato a great passionate and in love with the Italian Mastiff breed, I am also the proud owner of one of the most recognized kennels of Cane Corso dogs in Annapolis, United States. My kennel is the result of years of work dedicated to my great passion, I have a wide trajectory dedicated to the breed, to maintain its quality and to expand the community that loves the Cane Corso.

Within my pack I have one of the dogs that has made history in the world of the Cane Corso, I am talking about X-Man world champion, who has become the main reference of the breed, even has an impressive amount of searches on Google, everyone wants a puppy of the X-Man line.

After this brief introduction and a little introduction, I want to get straight to the point, I want to explain why the eyes of the Cane Corso are a very characteristic feature of the breed, how to know when they reflect quality and what types of eyes can exist Do you want to find out? then I invite you to read this article to the end … let’s see.

Why are the eyes of the Cane Corso important?

We are going to talk about the eyes of the cane corso and for that I am going to describe a little bit Niña, one of my beautiful bitches, she is five years old and is vice world junior champion and one of my favorite bitches.

We are going to talk about the eyes of the Cane Corso that are like the window of the soul, we always say that you look at a person in the eyes and you can see his soul, I believe that the same thing happens when you see a Cane Corso like Niña, when you see a quality specimen you notice the expression in the eyes you see the fierceness in the eyes, that is why the eyes are one of the most important features of a Cane Corso.

The position of the eyes the position of the eyes can sometimes be more straight or more downward (like with the eyelid down) giving an expression of sadness, on the other hand when it is upward it gives an expression of fierceness, then it is a very important thing that gives a lot of expression and it is one of the most important characteristics of the Cane Corso.

When the eyelid is more downward it looks similar to the Neapolitan mastiff or like a bullmastiff or boxer.

It is also important to emphasize that there are many people who like gray puppies with blue eyes, almost all puppies are almost born with blue eyes but when they start to have 3 to 5 months the blue tone goes down and can be a honey tone, to a black tone or a more brown tone. There are specimens that keep the blue color for all their life but this does not always happen, it is a subject that many people ask for and it is a subject that I wanted to clarify because many times most puppies are born with blue eyes but this disappears.

It also happens with the hair of the puppy that changes, sometimes the hair is wool type and then it changes, when it is four or five months old it starts to have the hair of an adult.

So an important characteristic of the breed apart from the head, apart from a full nose, apart from the lines of the head being correct and not round, the eyes indicate us a lot, they can make the dog look a little bit sad and a little bit ugly or give us a lot of expression.


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If you are looking for Cane Corso puppies for sale in Annapolis, United States, you will probably already have the information you have just read. Look closely at the look and eyes of the Cane Corso and the other characteristics I have mentioned so that you can see their quality.

Remember that I am continually posting content here so I will see you soon. See you next time.