I am a breeder of cane corso for many years, I started to love cane corso nothing else I saw it, it was love at first sight,
I began to have my first litter of corso cane,  and soon i began to breed by passion.
I bought a dog in Spain called Inu, a bitch that came from old Italian lines and crossed it with the world champion of that moment Desmo of the antico cerverus, a dog that later I had the honor of having it in my house under cession and program of you stud for a year.
but how is juanma morato? Well I like to talk with my dogs, I like to play with my puppies, I like nature, I like to talk to my x-man and explain every step I take, whether he is happy or not? , someone who loves what he does.
My first beginnings with the cane corso.
I am Breeder Cane Corso in Barcelona, ​​Spain. My way of breeding  was always responsible and familiar, I always took the breeding as a passion and from the love I was little by little making me a name in my favorite breed the cane corso.
There is a phrase that I love and that has done a bit like my motto is Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.
(It’s not doing what we like, but we like what we do, which makes life a blessing.)


cane corso juanma morato


My passion with this wonderful breed, started with the first litter of Inu and Desmo, and shortly thereafter, it melts the corso cane affix like the mirage of Torrellas. I have traveled all over the world with my passion for Cane Corso, knowing wonderful places and people.
I started little by little to go to beauty exhibitions and at the beginning, without results, little by little with better specimens, things started to go much and much better and I have been competing in dog shows and winning the maximum world prizes. We have the honor, on our team, of having world champions and vice junior champions of canine beauty, I have won exhibitions in the two continents of the most important, America and the Caribbean, ex Hoy con Afijo FCI: Corso X-man Barcelona . I have the honor of having won the world beauty championship in Milan, as well as many awards in USA, I have many descending champions of the bloodline of the best of the best my X-man.


cane corso juanma morato


I never liked having cages, I always prefer a system of dogs in a bone community, dogs that are in balance group, our dogs live in groups, dogs that eat together and enjoy sports and a healthy and happy life.
We do with our hands the menu for our dogs, a less balanced meat, vegetable, fish and fruit, I will not put proportions, because every week I change something ingredient and I see how it goes and feels, the changes are soft for example, see if instead of pumpkin and carrot, I bring leek and cauliflower and have how it works, how it goes.
In 2015 I had the luck, because sometimes in life you need to work hard, put passion in love and have a bit of luck, to make X-man Cane Corso world champion, in milan world dog show.

In 2018 we had the honor of making 2 more baby world champions and two other vice world champion cubs, at the 2018 World Championships in Amsterdam, all direct sons of x-man.


cane corso juanma morato2

You have to understand the satisfaction that this means for someone who loves what they do, they are born with me, if they need a bottle there is this juanma morato, they train for show for me, and to reach the world and doing the handling for me, juanma morato to reach the maximum level and win the world in male and female baby, do not fit a bloated that you put, you are in a cloud for a week, you think you’ve done it all, and the following Monday is life and clean poops, puppies, moms and more Corsica.
I work many times when the time comes for the physical form of my dogs and the health of our dogs in our pool designed specifically for them.
We use all kinds of noise, we work with my nephews, so that on weekends they come home and touch our puppies, and so they can see Cane Corso from the children.
I leave here a video of mine also a small explanation a video.




Now I wanted to speak a little bit, not so much about myself as about the cane corso. Smart, always attached to his master, always eager to learn. Intrepid, tenacious, proud and balanced.
He has a vigorous temperament, ready to work with him, he can work in any field. Cane Corso can work anything and learn very fast.
With his owners and the children of the house he is docile, affectionate, faithful and protective.


cane corso juanma morato3

It is wonderful with the children, since our beloved Cane Corso is a wonderful family dog.
He is alert to any strange situation, being quite distrustful of strangers.
He is very intelligent and sure of himself. If the training is right, learn easily.
The Cane Corso requires socialization and education since childhood, socialization has to be well done, like any puppy of any race.
The Cane Corso is a fantastic race to protect the family, protector, vigilant.





Cane Corso puppies are intelligent, balanced, need the normal socialization of any race.

To understand that Cane Corso is a good breeder, to spend time, money and effort, today to have the best Cane Corso in the world, above all, with the character that we want our Cane Corsos to have, inserted in the DNA of our Blood line of our Cane Corsos.
And these have made that today we have wonderful character in our bloodline and optimal health.
We have been selecting the character and phenotype of Cane Corso for 10 years, making crosses with exceptional characters and performing character tests before crossing. In our


cane corso juanma morato4


Breeding program only the best specimens of beauty, character and health are part of it.
We have the honor, on our campus, of having world champions and vice junior canine beauty champions.
Today with FCI Affix: Corso X-man Barcelona, ​​breeding Cane Corso. Our way of raising is a responsible and familiar breeding, we do not have cages, our dogs live in groups, eat together and enjoy sports and a healthy and happy life.


We feed our dogs following a natural diet Barf, based on meat, vegetables and fish.
We work the fitness and health of our dogs in our pool designed specifically for them.
We carry out all the socialization phases of all our puppies, so that in the future our clients enjoy happy and balanced specimens.
Our Cane Corsican puppy does not live in cages, and they enjoy sports and a healthy life.
Our specimens of Italian Cane Corso also called Italian Mastiff are fed with meat, vegetable fruit and fish, our own natural menu.
We will be happy to select a wonderful Cane Corso for you, a puppy of Cane Corso gray, Cane Corso black, Cane Corso Cachorro blue, or a wonderful puppy Cane Corso tabby.
greetings juanma morato