When we see a Cane Corso we can see that it is a large dog, with a lot of strength and muscle, generally it is a breed that impresses positively by its bearing and beauty, but generally people do not imagine that a breed of such a large size and high energy level has such important characteristics as sensitivity.

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After this brief introduction and taking up again the topic, today I want to explain you 4 wonderful aspects for which this breed has me so in love, first sight nobody imagines that an Italian Mastiff has these qualities but it is that besides being aesthetically and physically striking it has a spectacular personality… let’s see.

The 4 most surprising qualities of Cane Corso

Sensitivity: yes, it is clear that Cane Corso is a robust and powerful dog but he also has a high degree of sensitivity, for example when I speak loudly to X-Man he immediately understands what is happening and can feel bad for days, you can see it in his way of expressing himself to you, he is a little more distant, sometimes he even sees me and turns his back on me.

It is as if he is affected, as if he wants to ignore you a little for having said things to him that maybe he didn’t like very much, this seems to me incredible and wonderful in the race, it is as if they really had feelings and emotions.

This does not mean that you cannot educate them and tell them what is right or wrong, it is simply a race with more sensitivity than many others but also very obedient, intelligent and therefore easy to train.

He loves human contact: the other point is that he loves contact, he is very attached to his family, for example I sit on the sofa and my dogs always come to me and sit on my foot to feel me.

Besides, when I go for a walk in the mountains with them, they are always by my side, they go as far as 2 metres away and come back to me, they don’t lose sight of me, they are independent but at the same time close.

They coexist very well with other breeds and animals: the third point is that they coexist with any type of breed, whether large, small or medium, it is not a problematic breed, I even have several friends who have bought Cane Corsos from me and who have other breeds at home such as the Dogo Argentino or Chihuahuas and the coexistence is very good with the Italian Mastiff. The truth is that he is a very calm dog and socializes very well with all the members of his family including other pets.

I mean that they can also live with cats, for example. The Cane Corso has very good social skills within the home.

He has a very balanced temperament: finally he is a very controlled, calm and balanced dog, in very tense situations he always knows how to react, he is a dog that does not attack but warns or alerts.

For example, if the postman arrives home he can surely alert his master of the arrival of a new person but he does not attack him. It is a protective dog, on guard but with very intelligent control, you will not have problems with your neighbours or other people because of this.

For me he is the best guardian for the family of all dog breeds in this category, his intelligence and control make him a fantastic dog.

Besides, they are very protective of their family, they are always on the alert, they are also very careful with children and put up with all the mischief they make. When he feels a bit overwhelmed with children’s games what he does is stand back but he never attacks them because they are part of his family.

I hope you liked this article, if you are new to the Cane Corso community you will surely have been surprised by some of these facts and if you have already spent some time with the breed or reading my articles you might want to add some comments here, maybe you have identified other important aspects of the Italian Mastiff that you want to share with this community. Remember that I love reading you and sharing ideas. We will read each other soon.