Today I would like to talk about a very important subject that interests all of us who love, who put our hearts into and who love this breed very much, and it is about finding the formulas to protect the Cane Corso breed.

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My long experience with the Cane Corso has been fundamental to position our facility as one of the best breeders of Cane Corso dogs in Crawley, England. Also the fact of having in our litter the world champion X-Man has boosted and reinforced our quality guarantees.

Going back to the subject that motivated me to create this article, I want to explain you how we can protect the information published on the web about our favorite breed: the Cane Corso. On the internet it is very difficult to regulate the information but we can grow our community of Italian Mastiff lovers… Here is how.

But what does it mean to protect the Cane Corso?

There are a lot of people who are devious about the breed so we have to look for ways or ways to protect Cane Corso. One of them is to protect the information that is spread on the web about the breed, for example, I see that there are not many websites or video channels specialized on the subject, there are no more people who put themselves in front of a camera and express their opinion, talk and inform others about the race.

The subject of information is very important because we have impressive monsters like Google and YouTube for example, so if we let the information be in the hands of someone who talks about animals but in general features will surely make a video of the Cane Corsicans but only to fill in.

I have even seen some of this information that says that the Corsican Cane is strong but fierce, then they put 4 photos and that’s it. This seems to me a bit inadequate because it is not what describes the Corsican Cane. So we who truly love the breed from the soul have to do something because we cannot let anyone do something like that.

Obviously we don’t have control over the video or the information that a person publishes on Google or Youtube and how relevant that information is, we can’t do anything there.

But there is something we can do and that is that lovers of Cane Corso or Italian Mastiff, those of us who really live together and know the breed, begin to create quality and true content based on real experiences.

This way the information is reliable, correct and provided by experts who have experience with the breed as I do in this article and in my YouTube videos.

It would be ideal if in every country there were clubs that would try to regulate the information that is published on the web about the Italian Mastiff, it would be phenomenal.

It’s important that we all put some effort together and when If someone asks you what a Cane Corso dog looks like, you can explain with property and knowledge all its guard qualities, the balanced temperament that it has, its good habits at home, its good coexistence with the family and other pets, how intelligent it is, how fast it learns, how easy it is to educate it, etc.

Besides, it is also important that you know about his physical and behavioral qualities, he is a strong and noble dog, he is a dog of great height and muscles but at the same time he is delicate with the children, he is a fast dog but at the same time calm inside the home… In short, I could spend hours talking well about Cane Corso because it is spectacular.

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If you need to find true information about Cane Corso puppies for sale in Crawley, England you came to the right place. In this blog you will find all the necessary information about Italian Mastiffs. I have many years of experience working with the breed and it is my favorite of all, I live with many Cane Corso every day, I have seen them born, grow and develop. I myself have been concerned about providing them with a natural feeding that fits all their needs.

Everything you want to know is here or in my videos on YouTube, if you think I lack some topic to address please leave me a comment, for me your opinions are very valuable, this content is thinking of you, that you find information that is really useful and true. We’ll be reading it soon. See you soon.