Today I want to answer some frequently asked questions that many of my clients and followers in my social networks and blog ask me about the Cane Corso. Every day there are more and more people interested in the breed and that’s why I think it’s important to answer the questions I receive the most.

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Thanks to my long trajectory and to the fact that I have in my pack a world champion X-Man, I can say that today I have one of the best bredeers of Cane Corso dogs in Jefferson City, United States. My puppies of the X-Man line have achieved great popularity and recognition in the Cane Corso community, everyone wants a son of X-Man, even many of the puppies I have sold have also been world champions in different corners of the world.

Below I will answer three general questions I am always asked… let’s see:

Is a Cane Corso dangerous for a baby?

Many of you have asked me if when a newborn baby is born the Cane Corso can do something to it, if it is dangerous, if anything can happen, etc. I say to you that it is not dangerous, it is simply necessary to do a series of things so that the dog feels that the baby is a new member of the family, for example when the dog is already born and the last one to come is the baby, it is fundamental that the Cane Corso is not dangerous for the baby.
For example, when the dog is already in the family and the last one to come is the baby, it is essential that the dog feels that it is still important in the family.

The dog should not move away with the arrival of the baby, the dog has to understand that the baby is part of the family. Another case is when a puppy arrives and the child is already one or two or three years old, it is very important that we also include the dog in the family, when it comes to greet us that we do not leave it aside, otherwise the dog starts to feel jealous and does not act as it should act.

It is very important to follow these recommendations so that we can have a spectacular relationship between the between babies or children and Cane Corsos. In conclusion, it is not dangerous to have a dog at home when there are children, everything is based on a good education and socialization.

Is it better to buy or adopt a Cane Corso?

I am going to explain you my reasons why to buy or adopt, obviously I am in favor of adopting and help everything that I can.
I am in favor of adopting and helping as much as I can, even I have had dogs adopted, but it is very different when you are looking for something in particular.

In the animal shelters are not usually the breeds that sometimes we want but what they have rescued, so if you need a guard or defense dog will probably be more complicated to find them there.

For these cases there are breeders where you can buy a guard dog of a specific breed either a Cane Corso or another depending on your preferences. Obviously both options are perfect and wonderful, I agree with everyone and respect all options.

Can the Cane Corso become aggressive?

Why or what depends on a Cane Corso dog or any other breed to be aggressive, it can be for several reasons for example because the blood line, all the inbreeding and everything that is behind the dog is of aggressive parents or inheritance or it can also be because the work of socialization has not been done well since puppyhood and the issue of fears of dogs can lead to a problem of aggressiveness.

Therefore, the bloodline is very important because genetically there are things that are taken from the grandparents, not only physical aspects but also in terms of character.

Another important issue is the issue of fear, not doing a good job and that the dog is aggressive due to lack of socialization, for example a dog that is born in a field and never sees anyone, then when he sees a person and has a bad experience obviously this can lead to the dog being aggressive.

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I hope this article has been helpful to you and that I have been able to resolve some of your concerns or doubts about the breed. The Cane Corso is the best breed in the world for me and if you are here reading this is because you probably think the same as I do. See you soon.