I have been working with Cane Corso for many years but more than that for me it is a time where I have enjoyed my great passion and where I have discovered the infinite love I can have for this wonderful breed that every day continues to surprise me.

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Thanks to the experience I have had during all this time I have managed to position or have one of the best Cane Corso dogs breeders in Kentucky, United States. In addition, I also owe this merit to X-Man world champion, who has become a legend within the breed, the entire community of Cane Corso knows who X-Man is and many want to have a dog that is of their line. He has become a guarantee of quality.

I want to tell you many more things about my beginnings with Cane Corso, I did not think that my passion would become my lifestyle and work, the truth is that I have been very lucky and I have also worked hard to get where I am. If you want to know more I invite you to read until the end… let’s see.

How were my beginnings with Cane Corso

In today’s article I want to explain a little bit how I started, how the evolution was next to Cane Corso. I started many years ago, at first I did not start breeding puppies, it was more out of passion that I started having a few dogs.

I had the honor of having one of the most important dogs a long time ago, his name is Desmond. He was world champion in 2002 in beauty and we were lucky enough to have him for a year or so in 2008 or 2009.

What I like the most and what I enjoy the most is to be with my puppies. I like my dogs so much, especially I love to talk to my dogs, to X-Man, to my puppies.

I started with my kennel little by little having other litters and selecting excellent puppies until X-men arrived. Before his arrival there was a lot of work but perhaps we needed better results, more quality of the dogs and X-Men made us that boom.

In 2015 we had the luck and the great honor to make X-men world champion, he was the first world champion in gray and he was the first world champion who made the third in the best in show in a world cup. It is very important because it was the World Cup The most awaited was the 2015 World Cup in Milan, where Cane Corso was born.

In 2018 we had the luck, honor and pleasure of making three world champions with direct sons of X-Man and 4 vice world champions.

This is not a magic wand behind these championship titles there is a lot of work, a lot of effort and a lot of feeding. An exclusive feeding that we do with our hands, a daily work in sight of the artist, a work of physical preparation, etc.

In general, what I wanted to tell you was a little bit of how I got to the point that I am now with Cane Corso, I hope to continue for many more years, to get many more champions. Although the most important thing is not only to fill myself with championship titles, what is truly valuable is the love I have for the best breed in the world: the Cane Corso or Italian Mastiff.

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So remember that if you need Cane Corso puppies for sale in Kentucky, USA you can contact me and I will help you with this. In my Cane Corsos kennel we ship to all corners of the world. It is incredible to be able to say that I have dogs sold in all the continents, for me this is wonderful because more and more people know the breed.

For me it is a pride to be able to be part of this great community, to be a pioneer of the breed, to be part of the evolution of the breed. Nowadays the Cane Corso or Italian Mastiff is not the most known breed in the world but I know that in a few years it will be and we will be registered in history.

I hope you liked today’s article, I know that many people wanted to know a little bit about me because in the end I am the creator of all this content that I hope will be useful for you. Remember to leave your comments, doubts or questions here. I will always be happy to read you. See you on.